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netflixNetflix currently counts over 61 million subscribers world wide and growing, cementing them as the number one online streaming service for movies and television. For a few dollars per month, users can access a library of classic to exclusive content, giving telecom cable companies a run for their money. The company’s stock has almost doubled this year, and the streaming service shows not signs of stopping growth.

Netflix is currently offered in more than 50 countries with new ones being added all the time, but not everyone gets the same content due to license agreements made with the television and movie studios whom own the content. Netflix geographically restricts content per country based one existing license agreements. The U.S. seems to have the richest library of movies, and popular shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Breaking Bad’. These licenses are often limiting to smaller countries, who do not have access to many major titles, and contain a shorter list of movies. Additionally, if you happen to live in a country where the service is not yet offered, you’re out of luck.

For a long time, subscribers have used VPNs, proxies and proxyrack to circumvent the content blocks, and access U.S., U.K. or French content by masking their IP or DNS. Netflix continuously tries to ban VPN services from accessing different regions, and some services have reported being affected in the past, but most of the top providers have layered IP cloaking that defeat Netflix restrictions. SmartDNS services have also had to adapt in order to successfully access geo-blocked regions from anywhere in the world. Subscribers also utilize these methods while travelling for vacation or work, in order to get the same content from home. Finally let’s not forget bandwidth throttling from your internet provider when streaming. By using a VPN, your ISP can no longer see what websites you visit or the the type of traffic being used, negating any speed caps they try to impose on competing streaming services.

Below is a list of providers that provide great service for Netflix streaming if your current netflix vpn  is not working or you are looking for a netflix proxy error fix. I based my selection on speed, being very important for high definition and even standard quality video, and overall quality of service and experience. Software makes things easier for the average internet user and all providers below have apps for all platforms, allowing you to quickly connect to a server in the country of your choice and get streaming.

Best VPN Providers that work with Netflix

ExpressVPN – Full Review

ExpressVPN is my top choice for Netflix thanks to solid encryption and speeds, quality software, and all the Netflix features and access I could want. I often class ExpressVPN as being a deluxe service, and it does cost a few dollars more than competitors, but I do vouch for the value and level of service they provide. Netflix users can rejoice that the service works extremely well to unblock U.S. content with issues. But the service offers more for streamers with included SmartDNS for Apple TV, Xbox, and PlayStation. This allowed me to configure my whole house with a single account, and turned my gaming consoles into unrestricted media streaming machines. ExpressVPN offers a 30 day money back guarantee, ensuring you are fully satisfied before committing to anything.

  • 256-bit encryption matched with excellent speeds
  • 97+ VPN locations across 78+ countries
  • Excellent software clients and easy to follow SmartDNS setup tutorials
  • 4 simultaneous connections per account: 1 computer, 1 mobile device, 1 VPN router, and 1 SmartDNS streaming device.

VPNArea Full Review

While VPNArea is located in Bulgaria, its servers are hosted in Switzerland. Both countries are known as good locations for a VPN, and VPNArea takes advantage of this to offer a no logs policy and a highly secure service. They have over 200 servers in 54 countries, as well as advanced features like kill switch, DNS leak protection and IPv6 leaks protection. For an additional fee, you can get a dedicated IP and private server. VPNArea allows P2P and accepts Bitcoin as method of payment.
  • 256-bit encryption matched with excellent speeds
  • 200+ VPN locations across 54+ countries
  • DNS leak protection and a killswitch
  • Free SmartDNS service

PureVPN – Full Review

Pure VPN offers a great amount of features for Netflix access, ranging from global access to optimized streaming servers specifically for each service platform such as Hulu, BBC, and so on. If you happen to have a slow connection somewhere in or near the U.S. or U.K., an interesting feature called HDX streaming, composed of a special browser allows for an addtional 25mbps of stream buffering to be virtually added to your internet speed, making it possible to stream HD on slow connections.

  • 450+ servers in over 100 countries
  • 5 simultaneous connections per account
  • Fast speeds and extensive optional features
  • Highly discounted yearly plans.

VyprVPN – Full Review

After reports of Netflix blocking VPN users by TorrentFreak, VyprVPN quickly replied by re-assuring their customers that their service was not being blocked and that they felt that Netflix would not take any major steps to do so, stating that VPN providers are actually a positive for growth and service experience, helping their bottom line. This is absolutely true when you take a moment to think about it. VyprVPN provides great global coverage, great speeds and equally as good customer service. The software clients look awesome and provide good data, but regarding the important stuff, the service delivers great streaming performance, and access to Netflix from anywhere in the world. Some logs are kept temporarily and P2P is not allowed, being the only negative of their current service.

  • 700+ servers in 52 cities across 45+ countries
  • 1 to 3 simultaneous device connections depending on plan
  • Superb looking and easy to use software clients
  • Great speeds for streaming

TorGuard – Full Review

If you’re looking for a low cost, but speedy and secure service, TorGuard has a pretty good offer. The yearly plan is heavily discounted and allows for many devices, but more importantly, access to Netflix and popular streaming sites works flawlessly from anywhere in the world. No logs and solid encryption make them a popular choice for privacy, P2P, and advanced protocol features. However, the service remains very simple to use for beginners, and and 30 day money back guarantee is offered.

  • 1200+ servers across 42+ countries
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections per account
  • Easy to use software, setup in seconds
  • Excellent overall security


We tested Buffered and confirmed that it is still working well with Netflix. This Hungarian provider has managed to defeat the blocks imposed by Netflix by updating its network and enhacing its technology. Buffered has servers in over 30 countries and it is constantly adding new options to ensure that its customers can bypass restrictions and enjoy their favorite content on Netflix.




NordVPN is another effective solution to overcome the blocks implemented by Netflix. NordVPN is known for its strong commitment to privacy and security, but it also aims to give customers freedom to watch the content they want, from anywhere in the world. Our recent tests confirmed that NordVPN works with Netflix, and its optimized servers make things simple when you want to watch the best TV series and movies on this popular streaming platfom.




With StrongVPN you will be able to bypass the restrictions that prevent you from accessing the best content in Netflix. StrongVPN works particularly well on your desktop or laptop and it allows you to access Netflix without experiencing significant slowdowns in the speed. You will have to use PPTP, which isn’t a secure option as OpenVPN doesn’t work. StrongVPN is a good option if you are only accessing Netflix through your web browser. If you want to use Netflix on one of your mobile devices, then you are better off choosing a different option above.

Conclusion for VPN services for Netflix

Many of these providers offer special features based around not only Netflix, but other major and obscure streaming services from all over the world. Hulu, BBC, iTV, HBO Now, can all be accessed through VPN services, and the trend is starting to catch on with the corporations. Not long ago, HBO joined with IPVanish in a promotional campaign encouraging subscribers to use VPN services from anywhere in the world in order to access their platform and popular shows such as the obvious ‘Game of Thrones’. Shows like these have become international sensations, but overseas, access to U.S. services are often blocked, and they often turn to shady streaming websites with tons of popups and higher risk of malware infections. Seeing an initiative from a broadcasting giant to welcome subscribers to utilize VPN services to access their content openly and safely has been a breath of fresh air. So go ahead, and enjoy Netflix guilt free, and securely. All the services suggested above are easy for beginners to use in minutes thanks to the included software.

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