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  • Simultaneous Connections: 2-5
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  • Monthly Cost – High/Low: $19.99/$6.67 USD
  • Zero-Log Policy: Partially
  • Review Last Updated: 2016-09-17

VyprVPN can be considered a heavyweight in the world of VPN providers. A Golden Frog company, its founders have been operating internet businesses since 1994, and launched VyprVPN in 2009 with the goal of providing unrestricted, secure, and private web access to users all over the world. They own and operate their own tier-1 network, which allows them not only to have full control over the security of your data, but also the ability to deliver blazing fast speeds on direct routes across their servers. They are a Swiss company not subject to US agencies, however they do keep login session detail logs for 30 days, and respond to DMCA take downs. Torrent users and privacy freaks might want to look elsewhere, but otherwise, the service does have plenty of merits for not logging any encrypted web traffic, all while providing access to geo-locked content all over the globe on a completely private network.

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I find VyprVPN’s plans to be a little too expensive compared to some of the other big name VPN providers, but they do provide flexibility. All three packages will give you access to the entirety of VyprVPN’s network, but read further down for a comparison of each package. The only one I suggest against is the basic package, as it only includes the option of using PPTP as your encryption protocol. But, if you’re not highly concerned about encryption, such as using the service to unblock websites, the basic plan does the job with impressive bandwidth speeds.

3 Day Free Trial vs. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Recently, Golden Frog reached out about offering our visitors a 30 day money back guarantee, instead of a 3-day free trial period. This gives ample time for users to test the service out properly risk free (but don’t break their terms of service!). If you use any of the ‘Visit Website’ links on this page, you will have access to the 30-day refund offer offer, instead of the standard 3 day trial offer with no upfront payment.

If you prefer to try the service for 3 days as a free trial instead, you can use the visit site button below to get the standard offer.

Get 3-Day Free Trial Offer Instead? Link Below:

Package Comparisons

Basic Plan:

vyprvpn-basic-planThis is VyprVPN’s basic offering and quite frankly, falls woefully short of the mark if security and privacy is what you’re after. Due to being limited to the flimsy 128 bit PPTP encryption protocol; which the NSA and other similar bodies have been allegedly able to crack, the Basic plan is better applied for unblocking geographically restricted services and websites for entertainment and streaming purposes.

It’s available for $6.67 if paid as one annual subscription or $10 per month on a monthly payment plan. As suggested, I would only use this service for the purpose of light usage. Journalists or citizens with censored and restrictive web access should always opt for using OpenVPN when possible. L2TP is also much better than PPTP and both alternatives don’t tend to intermittently drop the connection as much. All privacy focused users should opt to do the same. With that said, this is not what the basic plan was intended for.

Your $10 a month (or 6.67 paid yearly) entitles you to 2 simultaneous connections per account. This is in contrast to the two alternative plans which offer 3 or 5 simultaneous connections. A perfect solution for streaming, and unlocking websites, but lacks stronger encryption and privacy.

Pro Plan:

vyprvpn-pro-planPriced at $8.33/month (annual) or $14.99/monthly, this package offers all their available encryption protocols along with the more secure 256 bit encryption, and 3 simultaneous connections per account. This service also comes with additional NAT firewall protection for all the devices using their app. Available connection protocols are: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and their own proprietary Chameleon protocol.

Chameleon, VyprVPN’s own proprietary technology allows users to connect to the free web in places were VPN connections are actively blocked by corporations or governments such as in China, Egypt, UAE, Russia, and the Middle East. It scrambles OpenVPN packets which makes them nearly impossible to detect via Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). The Chameleon technology run OpenVPN 256-bit protocol for it’s data encryption.

If you only need 3 or less simultaneous connections available for your devices or family, this is the best package to opt for in terms of value for your money.

Premier Plan:

vyprvpn-premier-planFinally we have The Cadillac of VyprVPN’s offerings, the Premier plan. This package comes in at $10/month (annual price) or $19.99 monthly. The premier package only differs from the pro plan in allowing up to 5 simultaneous connections per account. It provides identical network access, connection protocols, and firewall protection. So pretty much, on yearly  plans you can pay an extra $1.67 a month, or $5 on monthly payment plans for an extra 2 devices. Still cheaper than paying for two pro accounts, but unless you really need the 5 connections, you might as well pocket the extra change.

Comparatively to competition, VyprVPN qualifies as top tier cost, coming it more expensive on monthly plans than any other provider I have come across. Unless you choose to be billed annually, there’s not much of a deal to be had. But is the cost justified? Read on to find out.


VyprVPN has a true tier-1 network. This means all their server space and infrastructure, including DNS servers, is 100% owned and controlled by VyprVPN’s parent company. This means no third party companies hosting, or getting access to your personal information. The network itself now covers more than 50 countries and counts 700+ servers across 5 Continents. Each session is anonymized through the use of more than 200,000  shared IP addresses. Their VPN client allows you to quickly switch between VPN locations and protocols from the included drop-down menu. VyprVPN’s parent company is the Swiss based Golden Frog, but it does seem to have some minimal ties to the US, but more on that in the security section.

VyprVPN has absolutely stunning applications available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. All iterations of the native app include easy 1-click connections with no set up. The mobile applications in particular boast very high marks (4+ / 5) on iTunes and Google Play and are becoming a necessity in a world where our mobile devices are handling more and more of our personal information. The apps not only provide detailed server lists and favorites, but some of the nicest graphical monitoring tools you can ask for. An interactive map is also available for quick global server selections. As far as detail and monitoring data goes, VyprVPN is probably the most complete client app I have come across so far.

They recently have added apps for Blackphone and Anonabox. Tutorials are available for Smart TVs, Apple TV and also provide a router plugin for users running Tomato firmware. This negates limits on simultaneous devices, as you can encrypt your whole network directly from the router. Unfortunately, it is currently only compatible with Tomato.


VyprVPN has most major encryption protocols available, but as covered in the pricing section, secure and private encryption protocols are only available with the premier or pro plan options. VPN protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, OpenVPN, and VyprVPN’s own proprietary protocol name Chameleon. Essentially, Chameleon is just OpenVPN with added DPI bypass protection. Deep Packet Inspection is used by governments and ISPs under censored regimes to block web access to VPN services. By using Chameleon, journalists and citizens alike can bypass restrictions applied in countries such as China, or UAE. The base service unfortunately only offers the PPTP encryption; this may be adequate for the casual user who just wants to use a geo-locked service such as Netflix but falls woefully short of the security expectations of the knowledgeable user.


Finally, VyprVPN also has advanced services aimed at businesses or individuals that need to host their own servers. Be it for a private business cloud, or even a private home server, they provide support and setup tools to setup an encrypted dedicated tunnel to your network. The security setup is fully customizable with user databases and passwords.


The standard 160 to 256-bit encryption with additional DPI across OpenVPN Chameleon protocols allow adequate security for a variety of applied uses. The additional NAT firewall adds an essential security layer against hackers trying to break into any of your devices. This is always a good feature to have during travels or using public WiFi connection spots, as they can often be a perfect location for attackers to prey on users.

The fact that Golden Frog operates their own true tier-1 network does not only help with speed, but also ensures much better control of your encrypted data. All DNS servers are also hosted in house, with VyprDNS technology designed to prevent third parties from logging DNS web data or blocking access to websites and services.

The basic package that only offers PPTP should only be used to unlock geo-fenced content as I said multiple times now, and should not be considered a secure protocol. But that’s not the main concern with VyprVPN’s level of security. They do not tolerate any copyright infringement on P2P networks, and have a logging policy that aids them in keeping criminal activity off their network. Their logging policy is detailed below.

With regards to logging, Golden Frog states that although they collect session data, they do so “for use with billing, troubleshooting, service offering evaluation, TOS issues, AUP issues, and for handling crimes performed over the service.”

What Data Golden Frog Retains From VyprVPN Sessions:

Each time a user connects to VyprVPN, we retain the following data for 30 days: the user’s source IP address, the VyprVPN IP address used by the user, connection start and stop time and total number of bytes used.

Why Golden Frog Retains VyprVPN Session Data:

We retain VyprVPN session data for 30 days to use with billing issues, troubleshooting, service offering evaluation, TOS issues, AUP issues, and for handling crimes performed over the service.

What Golden Frog Does Not Collect From VyprVPN Sessions:

  • Does not log a user’s traffic or the content of any communications
  • Does not perform deep packet inspection of your traffic, except where requested by the customer for firewall purposes.
  • Does not perform shallow packet inspection of your traffic, except where requested by the customer for firewall purposes.
  • Does not discriminate against devices, protocols, or applications. Golden Frog is network neutral.
  • Does not throttle your Internet connection.
  • Does not rate limit Internet connection.

VyprDNS Service

Golden Frog’s VyprDNS service does not log any information.


My concerns are offset by what is perhaps the main security feature, and most appealing aspect of VyprVPN which is the fact that it is a Swiss based company. This means they do not fall within the jurisdiction of US agencies such as the NSA, but it is important to note that DMCA take downs are enforced, and your account will be terminated with no refund, and the notice will be forwarded to you. As with some other VPN providers, they do have a TOS that does not allow for copyright infringement material to be shared, but unlike P2P friendly services, users have reported having DMCA notices sent to them and their service terminated. All P2P friendly VPN service providers also have a similar TOS, but handle the DMCA notice by terminating the traffic protocol internally without ever using logs.

There is also some concern with regards to European conservation of data laws in Switzerland but they sport an incident free track record. I’m reminded of a scene in The Wolf of Wallstreet where a Swiss banker explains that a us government subpoena basically amounts to “papier toilette” in Switzerland. This is a huge deal for any of you concerned with PRISM or other similar government operations.

So in conclusion, if you will be doing P2P file sharing, or don’t want your VPN provider to keep temporary logs, look elsewhere. For everything else, this remains one of my favorite providers, based on the quality, the professional software and team behind it. The speeds are great over their private network, and provide the right tools to encrypt your online traffic. Users living under censored regimes can use the service gain access to unrestricted internet access, and safely work in journalism or on other online social activities.

Speed & Stability:

Overall speed and stability are among the best.  VyprVPN also claims to have the fastest VPN service, and as we know, that claim is impossible to confirm, but I did often have close to maxed out bandwidth on various locations. I guess having complete control over the network helps. I suffered from minimal latency while performing any of the typical browsing activities ranging from streaming video to gaming. The speed seemed more or less the same across most popular regions, but as expected, further locations slowed the connection down when connecting to Asia or Australia.

In terms of stability, I did  not experience a single connection loss throughout testing. However, I only used OpenVPN, if you’re on the basic plan, PPTP is known to disconnect frequently and should not be necessarily blamed on the service. Great performance overall, and the apps seem to have been well developed as well, providing a pleasing and bug-free experience on desktop and mobile platforms.

Customer Service:

VyprVPN is perhaps the company to beat when it comes to support.  The service has agents available around the clock, 365 days a year. Online chat is available on the website, and tickets can easily be submitted for support. Along with email and online chat support, Golden Frog has an active Forum and forum section where customers can interact directly with the developers and submit ideas on what features VyprVPN should add next. There’s also plenty of graphical setup tutorials to help you get started on a variety of devices.


VyprVPN may get a bad rap for P2P take down notices, and a 30-day log stamps, but unless you’re planning to use a VPN for P2P downloads that may include copyright material, there’s no reason to distrust their service. Not only do they offer stellar encryption, with advanced protocols such as Chameleon OpenVPN with DPI protection, but they also have one of the best networks in the industry with advanced DNS servers. Speed loss is considerably better than most providers I have tested across the past two years, and those results have held up over the time. Finally, praise should also be given for their software applications that make the whole experience complete, simple, and even a little fun.

If you truly want a no-log provider, or a service that supports P2P, look elsewhere, but for any other application that requires fast speeds, the cost does get somewhat justified. I would like to see pricing become a little more competitive, but I suppose it does cost lots of money to operate their large infrastructure.


  • Generally fast speeds.
  • Large sized tier-1 network.
  • Complete and graphical apps with monitoring.
  • Deep Packet Inspection bypass.
  • Offering 30-day refund policy to VPNPick visitors!


  • Does not support P2P torrents. DMCA take down notices enforced, and service will be terminated.
  • Higher cost than many competitors, makes up with good speeds.


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