Anonymous affiliate Ghost Squad brings down KKK website


The infamous hacking group, Anonymous, apparently attacked the Ku Klux Klan website with DDoS, which closed down the website.

Anonymous affiliate Ghost Squad brings down KKK websiteThe two groups, Anonymous and Klux Klan, have always been fighting on the web since and their fighting is well known amongst web users. In an extension of that web war, one of Anonymous affiliates, the Ghost Squad, attacked one of the major websites which belongs to the KKK members.

The Ghost Squad attacked in a series of powerfully distributed DDoS (distributed denial of service), attacks, the Anonymous group has shut down the official website of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The reason that was put for the attack on the KKK website was simply the blunt racism in the name of free speech that the white supremacist group exercises. Ghost Squad, the group which is said to be behind the attacks is another affiliate of the popular online hacktivist group, Anonymous.

One of the attackers had an interview with a reporter and he said,

“We targeted the KKK due to our hackers being up in their face, we believe in free speech but their form of beliefs is monolithic and evil. We stand for constitutional rights but they want anyone who is not Caucasian removed from earth so we targeted the KKK official website to show love for our boots on the ground and to send a message that all forms of corruption will be fought. We are not fascist but we certainly do not agree with the KKK movement. They are the Fascists and they are the Racists.”

The page is displaying a warning saying, “the page isn’t working” for all those who are visiting the website at the moment.

One of the attackers also tweeted the attack. Going with the username,@_s1ege, he says #OpKKK #Offline #OpStoneMountain Fuck the KKK!

This is not the first time the two groups have been attacking each other. In an earlier attack, Anonymous revealed personal information of the KKK members. In October last year, when one of the Klan members harassed a woman on Twitter, the Anonymous group carried out DDoS attacks on one of the KKK’s websites. The KKK Knights website is still offline across the world.

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