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AppValley offers the chance to find tweaked apps that can take the functionality of your mobile device, beyond what the manufacturer intended. This advanced app store is available for free (although a VIP version is also available) and it jailbreak is not required for iOS users. You can access a vast collection of apps at no cost. Unlike the official app stores, AppValley offers apps that have been modified to provide even more features. AppValley is the place to check when you want to get even more out of your favorite apps. It supports both Android and iOS, and it is straightforward to install. If you wish to discover AppValley alternatives that also give you the chance to find tweaked apps, you are in the right place as we’ll explore some similar options that are worth checking. However, before going through the list, it is essential to keep in mind that using AppValley and other apps that work in the same way, come with some risks. In some countries and circumstances, accessing cracked apps may be against the law. You should always support the developers and download apps from legitimate sources, but if for any reason you choose to download premium apps for free, you need to keep your privacy protected with a VPN.



This app installer aims to offer the best possible experience by enabling users to get easy access to a high number of apps. It is straightforward to use, and you can find what you are looking for without issues, thanks to the fact that everything is organized by category. TweakBox is free, and it offers over 2000 apps.



With Kuaiyong, you will be able to install paid apps on any iOS device for free. It is one of the favorite alternatives to AppValley, although it is not available in English. Still, it is an option worth checking.



Appcake focuses on bringing you cracked Android apps, and there is an incredible selection of options available. Whether you are looking for games or productivity apps, you can be sure that you will find something exciting in Appcake. It also has a large community where users can discuss their interests.



PandaApp supports both Android and iOS, and it is easy to use the option to get access to a vast selection of apps. There are different categories available, including games, health, and fitness, fashion, news, education and lifestyle.



vShare is available for Android and PC users, and it provides smooth, fast access to a large number of apps. You can get games, music streaming, health & fitness apps, as well as many good options for productivity. It works as an excellent alternative to the Google Play Store.



This website promises to offer the easiest way to download, install, and update apps. It provides an incredible selection of options, and it has an excellent, user-friendly interface.



This utility promises to offer the fastest and most convenient way to find, download, and install apps. You can get applications for free and install them directly on your iOS device. There are Premium and Lite versions available.


This desktop repository also works as a mobile app, and it doesn’t require jailbreak. You will be able to install tons on apps on your iOS device for free. Finding the app that you want is very easy, and there is also a premium version that offers additional benefits.


Tutuapp gives you the possibility of getting great apps in a secure way and without having to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone. This top iOS helper will allow you to download apps in a natural way and without having to wait for ages. It is fast and effective.


Aptoide gives you the chance to discover and download great Android apps, and it offers many options that are available free of charge. Once you open the app, you will see all the apps chosen bu editors. Aptoide aims to be an alternative to Google Play that offers developers and users the chance to share and download fantastic apps.


In 25PP, it is possible to find a wide selection of apps for both Android and iOS devices. You can even find apps that are not available anywhere else. The only downside is that the website is not available in English.


Simple and full of options, ACMarket is another solution to find the apps that you want, without having to pay high prices. You can download the apps for free and within seconds. ACMarket is easy to use, and it covers a lot of solutions.


Mob is another extensive catalog where you will find a lot of apps (mainly games) for Android and iOS. It also offers ringtones, wallpapers, customization options, and all kinds of apps.

Blackmart Alpha

This alternative to Google Play, enables you to download many apps for free, and you get the fully functional version. Not just trials or test versions. Blackmart Alpha is a comprehensive solution for people who want to find premium apps, as well as apps that are not easy to find.


AppTrackr is another convenient choice to get free apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You need to select your device and AppTrackr will allow you to find apps that suit you. Keep in mind that to get the apps, you need a free iTunes voucher to get started.


If you don’t know what to download, Mevvy can be the best solution as it offers an advanced searching option that allows you to find great apps, based on your interests. You can easily find apps that suit your style, and there are many options to discover. Mevvy is easy to use, and it is regularly updated.

VPNs for AppValley and similar apps

A VPN protects your internet traffic as it encrypts it, which means that other parties won’t see what you are doing online. Also, when you connect to a VPN, your real IP address is disguised. Using a VPN prevents others from finding out your location and identity. VPNs are useful security tools, and the list below includes the providers that can keep your information safe and private.


expressvpnExpessVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers available thanks to a valid combination of speed and security. ExpressVPN protects your traffic with high encryption to prevent others from seeing what you are doing online. Since ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your internet traffic, your privacy is safe.


NordVPNNordVPN is a zero logs provider, and it offers top security features designed to keep your information protected from eavesdroppers. Others won’t be able to see what you do when you are connected to the internet. Also, NordVPN gives you the flexibility to overcome restrictions.


VPNArea also has a strong commitment to security, and it has features designed to ensure that your privacy is not compromised. They don’t keep logs of your traffic and thanks to the advanced technology used, your real IP address won’t be revealed. VPNArea is also a fast solution to get around blocks.

Private Internet Access

privateinternetaccessApart from being a very affordable solution, PIA is known as a comprehensive service that offers reliable security and all the necessary features to enjoy online freedom. PIA protects your traffic with high-level encryption, and it doesn’t monitor or store data on your online activities.

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