Best Alternatives to ScrapeTorrent

ScrapeTorrent was a popular solution to access media content and to download it using torrent technology. Although many people relied on ScrapeTorrent and it was considered as one of the best options to find torrents, the website has not been available for a long time. ScrapeTorrent allowed users to search for torrents and to get results from some of the best torrent sites. With ScrapeTorrent, it was easy to find torrents and to download them but even though the site is gone, you can find other options that serve the same purpose. Here is a list of the best alternatives to ScrapeTorrent.


Demonoid is a widely-used BitTorrent tracker that is recognized for its ease of use and its active community of users. It helps you to find content in different categories including audio books, movies, TV shows, games, comics, anime, apps and music. Although Demonoid is regularly updated, unfortunately it can be down from time to time as it has been moved in different occasions. However, currently the site is up and the administrators are working to ensure that all its features are working as they should.


Invite Scene is known as the largest community of private torrent invites, where members exchange or sell private torrent trackers that you won’t find anywhere else. The website offers a modern design and it offers advanced features that will allow you to get exclusive content. The website is kept up to date by its knowledgeable community of users and it also offers a secure environment thanks to features like strong encryption to protect your data. Juts keep in mind that in order to get all the benefits of Invite Scene, you need to get a premium membership.


Treetorrent is a powerful and efficient option to look for great torrents. It prides itself in being the largest meta-search engine for torrents and it indexes the most popular torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt and the recently launched new version of Kickass Torrents. Like other options in this list, TreeTorrent doesn’t actually host the content, but it helps you to locate the torrent files so that you can enjoy movies, TV series, music, games and more. It offers an easy to use and effective search option.


TorrentRover aims to offer the most simple and enjoyable experience for torrent fans. It allows you to get fast results from the best torrent sites including The Pirate Bay, 1337X, IsoHunt and more. It promises to offer an ad-free and malware-free solution that allows you to download torrents automatically thanks to its advanced settings. The Quick search option lets you find results within seconds and there is also an advanced search option that lets you specify the content that you want to find. This search manager and torrent downloader offers great quality and enables you to find TV shows, music, movies and apps without any hassle.


BTJunkie is a software that focuses on offering privacy for torrent users. It offers an efficient, convenient solution to share torrents. BTJunkie uses its own bot, a web crawler that is designed to find torrents from popular sites like The Pirate Bay. The software is easy to use and it offers a great looking interface. With BTJunkie, you can get access to an extensive database and enjoy the great performance of its search engine that allows you to find the files you want. The main benefit of BTJunkie is that it helps you to find and download content without compromising the security of your computer.


TorrentKing offers access to thousands of torrents and you can see a list of the options available. It works as a torrent seek website that helps you to find the best torrent available in an easy and fast way. The search engine makes things simple when you are looking for a specific movie and you can even search for actors. The movies are organized so that you can easily find the most popular options and the latest additions. You can also see the rating, which helps you to decide if you really want to watch a movie

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