The Best Torrent Clients for Linux

As a new Linux user, it can be hard knowing what software to download because your options aren’t always the most mainstream applications that are frequently found on Windows. But the good news is that the GNU project helps Linux users by giving them access to tons of free and open source software. Whether you knew it or not, there have been many Linux distributions that were distributed via torrents in the past – and it was all legal. Because Linux is free, there is no harm in sharing system images with other users. And because Linux is more secure than other operating systems, you can more easily trust your downloads.

Over the years, we have seen hundreds of different versions of Linux. When they first started emerging, there were perhaps 5 main categories or family trees that Linux distributions fell under. But today they are so different that their default software packages vary greatly. For that reason, some Linux distributions come with a torrent client installed and some do not. If you either don’t like the default client or one wasn’t provided with your version of Linux, you are going to need to find a suitable torrent client. The following is a list of some of the most favored torrent clients on Linux.


linuxtor2This torrent client makes the list because it is one of the simplest torrent clients available for Linux. It has been completely stripped down to a barebones system, and while other clients on this list are very feature-rich, Tixati only gives you the bare essentials. Two drawbacks to this client are that it isn’t visually attractive and it isn’t open source. However, it will still allow you to manage your bandwidth and magnet links. Because it is so stripped down, you don’t need to worry about features getting in the way of your downloads.


111164f570fdca284d-deluge_icon[1]Deluge is completely open source, so you rest assured that no backdoors have been written to take advantage of your computer when you are downloading torrents. One handy feature of Linux systems and software in general is portability. Not only can you boot entire Linux operating systems from a flash drive, but many types of Linux software (like this torrent client) even includes a portable version that doesn’t need to be installed on the host system. Also, it is extremely streamlined and lightweight – much like uTorrent – so there are fewer features to get in the way of your download speeds. It even provides a remote administration and management feature so you can control your downloads when you are away from your computer. And the best part? There are no advertising banners! In addition, it doesn’t try to tack on free browser toolbars and other adware during the installation process.


The Linux rTorrent client is extremely interesting because it has one extremely notable feature that’s different from almost all of its competitors. It is a command line Bit Torrent downloader, and it’s clear that it belongs on Linux systems. By stripping away the GUI and only leaving a text interface (like the terminal) this torrent downloader is able to improve stability, save resources, and help increase download speeds. However, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have experience working from the command line already. Learning all of the new terminal commands and hotkeys could be a little challenging for a novice. But if you’re a competent Linux terminal user, this program will be right up your alley.


utorrent-safeThis Bit Torrent client had to make the list given its immense popularity. For a long time uTorrent has been the de facto torrent client standard and it is most people’s go-to software when they want to download free content. It is extremely lightweight, small, efficient, and it doesn’t include all of the extra features and bells and whistles that might make other torrent clients a little slower. Lastly, there are a couple drawbacks. First of all, during the installation process it will try to install some adware unless you disable these options. Second of all, it isn’t open source. That will give some people qualms about trusting that it hasn’t been abused by the N.S.A. or other government agency.


Vuze2Vuze had to make an appearance to round off the list. It is actually quite popular, though it is overshadowed by uTorrent. One reason people like this client more than uTorrent is because Vuze offers a lot more features. But that is both a blessing and a curse. The extra features make the application a little bit larger and some tests have shown that it is slightly slower at downloading files. But the remote download manager and kill switch features are incredibly useful. It’s not perfect, though, and during the installation process it will try to install a browser toolbar. In addition, all of the extra features can cause it to use more system resources than its streamlined competitors. Lastly, it isn’t open source. But all in all, Vuze is a very functional and reliable torrent client that will give you greater control over how you download your files.

In Summary

As you can see, there’s lots of choices to be had for a Linux user. Of course, to go with your torrent client you’re going to need a VPN service to keep your personal information and security safe. For that, you can check out our article on some of the best VPNs specifically suited for Linux.

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