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The gaming industry in constantly in development, with new options appearing on a regular basis. While there are already many popular franchises, there is always room for new games and players around the world look forward to the upcoming releases. Here we will take a look at the unblocked games that are now available for you to enjoy.

Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes features the “A Link to the Past” engine and it adds some unique tweaks. Team work is crucial in this game and in this multi-player experience, you will need to bring your skills together in order to solve challenging puzzles. There are character stacking totem system to add something new, although you can still use the weapons available in previous versions. There is a region-locked online match making system in place, but you can get around it with the help of a VPN.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield is a well-known franchise that is widely recognized for its continuous action and thrilling gameplay that brings players to realistic warzone situations. The 4th installment of this game offers a fantastic experience as they face though competition. You will need to drive tanks. fly helicopters and attack enemies while you are piloting fighter planes. In order to improve ping, you can use a VPN service and get the most out of Battlefield 4.

Grand Theft Auto: Online

GTA is one of the most popular titles in the world and in this online sandbox replica, you can enjoy an action-packed driving experience in Los Angeles. The last Lowrider update increased the popularity of the game even further. You can find new vehicles, weapons and multi-player modes that allow you to defeat con-artists and take over syndicates.


DOTA 2 is still one of the most beloved games around thanks to the competitive experience that it offers for players. This popular game is available for free on Stream and the second edition of the game allows you to defeat your enemies using the unique skills of your heroes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty is ahead of its competitors when it comes to FPS games. This installment of the popular franchise brings the farming and chat raging that players are used to, as well as new options, such as the parkouring manouver. You can also opt for the Zombie mode to experience a non-stop, explosive experience full of action.

League of Legends: Garema

This is a unique LoL experience and while it is exclusively published and distributed in Southeast Asia by Garena, with a VPN it is possible to bypass the restrictions and enjoy this wonderful option that ion many ways, can surpass the original.

CounterStrike: Global Offensive

A groundbreaking name in the world of FPS games, CS:GO is another option that you need to check. It was originally a mod for the original Half-Life shooter created by Valve, but now CS:GO has earned its own right to become a leading game. You can take part in the battle between terrorists and counter-terrorist forces, discovering new characters and weapons. If you are a big fan of Counter Strike, this is the game for you.

Guild Wars 2

This is one of the top option in the MMORPG genre and its storyline will also keep you engaged. There are five races and while they were fighting each other in the past, now they need to come together to face a common enemy: Zhaitan and the mighty beasts who have come back to life. In order to save the land of Tyria, the five races need to come together and works as allies. Guild Wars 2 also offers balanced combat options and interesting strategic moves.


Tera is one of the most innovative options in the world of MMORPG games. It offers precise aiming and dodging mechanics, as well as unique timing strategies that will challenge you and keep you captivated. Tera is an immersive gaming experience that offers many rewards and pleasant surprises for fans. Just keep in mind that there are some geo-blocks that may prevent you from accessing the game.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul’s Sandbox world will capture your attention with its beautiful design and it combines an interesting story and action. Honor and betrayal are key elements in the game and you will need to rely on martial arts and your sword skills to get ahead in the game. There is a variety of battle classes to select and you can defeat enemies using skills and precise timing.

Euro-Truck Simulator 2

While Euro-Truck Simulator 2 doesn’t feature guns, race cars or cops and robbers, it is still a captivating experience. This open-world driving simulator allows you to play as a truck driver who takes haulage contracts from leading companies. You can improve your truck, get your own first yard and more as you progress within the game. It is a fun game to pass the time.

Planetside 2

If you are looking for a game that offers the chance to experience inter-galactic warfare, Planetside 2 is right for you. The new revamped version allows you to enjoy an advanced futuristic world with a balanced gaming environment. There are different classes to choose from including engineer and light assault. You will need to use your strategic skills and with the help of tanks, fighter planes and other options available, you will make the battles even more intense.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate NinjaStorm 4

In this game, you can be part of the exciting adventures of Naruto Uzumaki and enjoy new features including the option to change Leader System and Wall-run. The game revamps the original Naruto Shippuden story line, adding high quality graphics and a unique and innovative experience for players.

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