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ausiVirtual Private Networks are great for all sorts of reasons, be it getting access to certain restricted services or just plainly masking your IP for protection. In Australia alone recent government plans to retain users IP addresses for 2 years has created a huge spike in the VPN field. This retention law has sparked a huge interest in VPN services for both protection & usage of the great services only limited to Australia.

Whether you are in Adelaide, Sydney or Perth we’ve rounded up our best VPN services for Australia. Basing our decisions on number of IP’s available, speed, security, and many other external factors. So whether your in Australia or just trying to mask your IP as if you were there then these services have you covered.

Top VPN Services for Australia

Surfshark – Full Review

Surfshark logo

Surfshark has fast, efficient servers distributed across more than 50 countries, including Australia. Thanks to the reliable performance that it offers and the high quality of the dedicated software available, Surfshark is quickly becoming one of the favorite names in the VPN industry. Surfshark offers features that help you to overcome restrictions, no matter where you are. It protects your data with high encryption and that it doesn’t keep any logs, plus it has been independently audited to confirm that it is true to its claims.

VyprVpn- Full Review


VyprVpn really tops the feature list in terms of an all in one VPN service.

Offering over 200,000+ IP addresses while being one the fastest services period in Australia.

Additionally packing in unlimited speed, usage, and server switching. Plus mobile/desktop apps, encryption, online storage, etc.

Easily one of the best VPN services you can find for AU with an optional 3-day free trial & only $10 USD monthly for the most basic plan.

CyberGhost – Full Review

Cyberghost Canada

CyberGhost is another top quality solution that deserves to be considered when it comes to enjoying high security and the chance to bypass restrictions to access the content that you want. It is highly recommended by redditors on reddit. CyberGhost has software that is easy to use and it supports all the features needed to ensure that you can stream content from any location. Its network includes over 3700 servers, some of them located in Australia. CyberGHost doesn’t keep logs of your activities.

ExpressVPN- Full Review


ExpressVPN is a great solution for your AU VPN needs. Focusing on its great server location & speeds.

Not only do they offer an Australia dedicated server but around the world including EU/NA regions in case you choose to use external services outside of Australia.

Featuring high grade 256-bit encryption technology, cross-platform support, and amazing speeds. So not only are you getting a reliable connection but military grade protection as well when surfing abroad or filtering your IP.

Backed with a 30-day money back guarantee you can start your plan at $13 USD a month w/ discounts for longer durations.

All in all these VPN’s guarantee you secure & reliable browsing either in AU or providing a masked IP address. This allows you get to access to all Australian based services & sites with a click of a button. With server support being a top priority, each of the services on the list will provide a stable AU connection while also being able to mask you in the US, UK and many more locations. All coming in at affordable monthly rates you can browse securely & seamlessly at your leisure. No fear of restrictions, data collection, and more. Simply choose from the list & get started.

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