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There always seems to be a hot new technology that is changing the way we access content. But the problem is that each new technology pushes the envelope just a little further, throwing users into unknown territory. Such was the case with Popcorn Time, a free video streaming service that had even been referred to as the Netflix for pirates. It was a really slick piece of software that allowed people to stream extremely high quality videos on some of the slowest Internet connections – for free! However, Popcorn Time has bit the dust because some of its developers left when they took heat from several copyright enforcement organizations. Even some users got sued to serve as an example to others. Using a VPN with Popcorn Time quickly became a need.

But you need to understand how the software worked to understand how you can still take advantage of it today. You see, Popcorn Time was very comparable to Linux in the sense that it had a lot of different versions and distributions, called ‘forks,’ that were essentially different implementations of the same core code. Each fork had different benefits, features, and nuances, but it allowed you to find a version that suited your needs perfectly. In the beginning, the code was written by an Argentinian named Federico Abad, but he left the project in 2014 due to threats from copyright enforcement organizations and consequently deleted all of the hosted video data, rendering Popcorn Time worthless.

ButterProject2But by the time they got shut down, the code was already available via BitTorrent. And because it was open source, many developers got their hands on the code and edited it to create their own versions of the project, many of them seeking to add features and improvements. The largest takeaway is that because there are so many forks, it is nigh on impossible for organizations to shut down Popcorn Time forks completely. Recently, Popcorn Time has resurfaced, but it is unknown who is behind the reactivation, and if it’s still safe to use. So, if you were a fan of Popcorn Time or you simply want a way to access high quality videos for free, then it’s time to check out the Butter Project.

The Butter Project

Fortunately, there is a Popcorn Time fork that has become the new front runner, and it was developed in part by team member from Popcorn Time coders. This (relatively) new fork is called the Butter Project. One of the reasons that Popcorn Time got shut down was because it mainly served copyrighted content. The Butter Project doesn’t solely integrate copyrighted content. Instead, it lets people pick and choose their own content from various sources. In part, this helps them avoid claims by copyright organizations to protect the future of their project. There’s only two problems with this new model, however. First of all, you might find that one of the video sources you want to download content from isn’t available in your country. Secondly, you may not want people like governments, ISPs, and hackers to see what content you are streaming. The good news is that both of these problems are easily solved with a VPN tunnel, which will allow you to unblock content while protecting it with encryption so you can download and view video content anonymously. So, let’s take a look at the best VPN services for the Butter Project.

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If you’re the kind of person that is okay with paying a little bit more per month in exchange for a higher quality service, then ExpressVPN is your best option for the Butter Project. They have servers located in 78 countries around the world to help you unlock geo-restricted video content, but you will most likely be concerned with their UK and US VPN servers to unlock your favorite streaming video content. Though they only allow you to connect up to 2 devices per VPN account, you can choose to terminate your VPN connection at your router if it is running DD-WRT or Tomato firmware to secure every device that connects to your network. Other notable features of their service include fantastic 24/7 customer support as well as a 30-day money back guarantee that will let you try their service for a month risk-free.

Private Internet Access
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PIA is our second pick for users trying to unlock video content with the Butter Project. While it’s true that PIA has fewer global connection options than most other providers, this probably isn’t a large concern for users trying to access geo-restricted data since the most popular content services are located in the US and the UK. Though they only have servers in 24 countries, they have more servers per country than just about any other VPN provider, giving them a higher capacity. To date they have around 3,100 servers, and they offer one of the cheapest services on the market at just $3.33 per month with a 1-year subscription. Lastly, they let you connect up to 5 devices per account, ensuring that you will be able to unblock and secure data on all of your devices.

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PureVPN has 500+ servers in 140 countries, so they are a great choice for people who want to do more with their VPN than use it exclusively for the Butter Project. However, their VPN tunnels are fast enough that they won’t hamper buffer rates due to bandwidth throttling or data limits. They, like PIA VPN, also let you connect up to 5 devices per account, and they only cost about $4.16 per month with a long term subscription. They cover all of the major operating systems and even have a 7-day money back guarantee so you can test out their service with video content on the Butter Project before you make a final decision.

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TorGuard is our fourth pick for users concerned about accessing content with the Butter Project. The service is committed to keeping your privacy as reliable as possible with strong encryption, and a respectable privacy policy. You can use up to 5 devices per account, making their service is reasonably priced. For as little as $4.99 per month, you can access their 1600+ VPN servers spread out in 43+ countries around the world. Lastly, understand that they have a zero-logging policy and aren’t influenced by any take-down notices.

Iron Socket
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IronSocket is our last pick for Butter Project users, and to date they have 50+ servers in 36 countries. Like any other service with VPN servers in the US or the UK, they will allow you to access video content that has been geo-restricted. They improve upon other VPN providers’ services since they allow you to connect up to 3 devices with a single account, and they do have a 7-day money back guarantee. Last but not least, they cost less than the majority of other services on the market with a monthly cost of $4.16 per month with a 1-year service.

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