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Best VPNs to bypass Fortinet (FortiGuard)

Fortinet is a California-based company that has been offering security software and services for over a decade. Their solutions include filters and firewalls that allow companies and educational institutions to control the way in which their employees and students use internet. The FortiGuard web filtering service allows system administrators to block content on their network. It is a practical solution to avoid access to malicious websites, but it covers a wide selection of categories to give admins greater control over what can be accessed. Fortinet is trusted by many businesses and organizations, including schools, hospitals, universities and technology companies.

From a college or workplace perspective, it is crucial to ensure that their network runs smoothly and that is not exposed to possible threats. In order to achieve this, they may prevent you from accessing certain websites and services when you connect to their WiFi. Additionally, they also want to put a stop to any distractions that could affect your productivity at work or your focus on your studies. This is why popular websites and applications like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and BitTorrent clients are usually affected by the firewalls in place. While the implementation of a firewall and other blocking tools helps to enhance the security of a network, it also limits its usability.

Although it is understandable that your employer or school take measures to safeguard their network and ensure that you remain focused on your tasks, dealing with Fortinet filter/firewall can also be frustrating for users. In some cases, the filtering rules (which are taken from a global list of data) may even affect websites that you need for work or for your studies. Plus, the truth is that not everything can be work and going to classes.

Many of us would like to have the chance to relax for a while and watch YouTube videos in or catch up with friends on Facebook, at least during our break. This is why you are probably wondering how to bypass Fortinet at work/school. One simple solution would be to use your own cellular data to connect to internet. However, this is not always an available alternative. In order to bypass Fortinet’s restrictions, a VPN could be an effective option.

VPNs for Fortinet

Apart from stopping you from getting access to content, it is important to keep in mind that Fortinet also gives system administrators the possibility to monitor users’online activity. A VPN will not only allow you to unblock websites and your favorites services, but will also keep your privacy protected as it encrypts your connection. The VPN services in our list offer high technology that could help you to bypass Fortinet.

Just keep in mind that you may need to adjust some settings/opt for certain functions supported by the VPN provider in order to disguise VPN traffic, as it may also be blocked by Fortinet. Additionally, it is worth remembering that if your school or workplace has implemented Fortinet, circumventing it may be considered against their rules and could land you into trouble. As such, if you opt for a VPN (or other technology) to bypass Fortinet at work or school, use it at your own discretion.


ExpressVPN allows you to enjoy an incredibly fast service and thanks to its highly skilled, 24/7 customer support, you will always get assistance when needed. ExpressVPN is also known for high quality software and it includes smart DNS as part of its service. They have stealth servers to bypass firewalls and to ensure that your data remains secure, they apply a high level of encryption. No activity logs are kept and there are servers available in 87 countries.


Surfshark promises to help users to access online content from anywhere, in a secure, worry-free way and it delivers on this promise. Thanks to fast performance, powerful unblocking capacity and reliability of the service, you will be able to overcome the restrictions imposed by Fortinet. Surfshark has more than 800 servers in its network and it doesn’t keep logs of your activities. You can enjoy online freedom and security, for an affordable price.


NordVPN operates from Panama and it is another VPN service known for supporting advanced features and offering high protection for your privacy. They don’t keep any logs and secure your online data with a high grade encryption. To further enhance your security, you can opt for features like double encryption and Tor over VPN. They allow P2P in their network and their technical support is excellent.


IVPN stands out for offering an excellent client that allows you to secure your traffic and disguise your identity. In terms of security and privacy, IVPN is a fantastic choice because it offers strong encryption and there are no logs kept at all. You can adjust the connection settings in order to bypass firewalls and practical technology for this purpose such as obfsproxy is available. IVPN also offers a large selection of alternate ports including TCP/443.


VyprVPN is part of the Golden Frog internet consortium and the provider manages its entire network, which allows it to provide a greater level of security and speed. They offer free smart DNS service and their exclusive stealth solution “Chameleon” is ideal for bypassing strict firewalls. VyprVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and it also uses UDP ports for advanced functionality.


CyberGhost is also effective when it comes to overcoming the filters and blocks implemented by Fortinet’s technology. CyberGhost has more than 3700 servers in nearly 60 countries. CyberGhost doesn’t keep logs and its software is easy to use and it is compatible with several platforms. You will be able to enjoy a high standard of protection for your data, as well as fast performance to get around blocks.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access may grab your attention at first, due to its affordability. However, it is its reliability, high encryption and advanced features what has allowed it to remain popular. PIA is one of the most trusted providers in the VPN industry thanks to its amazing performance and effective unblocking capabilities. You will be able to bypass restrictions and enjoy the content that you want, no matter where you are.

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