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vpn with data compressionNowadays it is possible to find WiFi hotspots in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, airports and even public transport. However, the speed and functionality of these networks can be limited. Additionally, connecting to public WiFi can make you more vulnerable to malicious hackers who take advantage of the lack of security to use these networks as their playground. Even if you are not concerned about privacy and only intend to use public WiFi for general browsing, public WiFi is not always available. This is why many people opt for the convenience of a mobile data plan.

With a data plan you can connect to internet on the go, without having to rely on public WiFi. It is a practical solution that lets you browse information, use Google Maps, watch videos and more, even if you are nowhere near a WiFi hotspot. Additionally, when you use your own data plan, your connection is considerably more secure than if you use public WiFi hotspots and you won’t be subject to the firewalls or filters that are implemented in many open networks. You can access a wider selection of applications including streaming services.

The problem is that although having a data plan on your phone can save you a lot of hassle, it can also cost you a lot of money. Browsing websites, watching videos online, sending emails and posting photos on Facebook are things that most internet users do and they all have an impact on data consumption. Mobile devices are capable of handling more data, but the cost of data plans for internet users is also increasing, meaning that it is important to keep an eye on how much is used. Managing data consumption is particularly important if you use your smartphone or tablet as a hotspot for laptop and other devices.

The good news is that it is possible to make your data consumption more efficient, which will help you to save money. Data compression (also known as file compression) is a solution that reduces the impact of images and text by making them smaller or re-encoding them in a lower quality. Since data compression removes and shrinks the content of Javascript, HTML and CSS files, webpages will load faster.

How does data compression work?

Generally the data from files that are compressed is put into an archive format like .tar, .jar or .zip. There are two forms of data compression: lossy and lossless. The first type of compression reduce the file size by removing bits that are deemed as unnecessary, which usually results in lower quality in audio and video files. Lossless compression on the other hand, maintains all the information of the original file, although it is not able to reduce the size of the files as much as lossy compression.

Decompressing files may require more processing power, but there are new data compression solutions that improve processing. The best methods allow you to avoid loss of data during the decompression process, meaning that the file will be restored to its original condition. Data compression optimizes content for mobile devices working as hotspots and speeds up the loading time of websites. Since your data consumption is reduced, your data plan will last longer and you won’t have to spend more money to get additional data.

Using a VPN on your mobile device allows you to keep your traffic private and to bypass geographical restrictions, giving you access to more content. Data compression is the best option to get full advantage of the versatility and security of a VPN, without using up your data plan allowance. CyberGhost and Hotspot Shield are VPN providers that offer data compression features that will allow you to manage your data usage effectively. Below, you will find more about what they offer.

VPN Services that offer Data Compression

CyberGhost from Best VPN Services ReviewsCyberGhost operates from Romania, accepts Bitcoin and it promises not to keep any logs, making it one of the most appealing solutions for users who want to ensure that their privacy is protected. It also offers a convenient data compression solution that will allow you to save money in your data plan. They use a .ZIP files compressor so the compressed data can be restored to its original state.

While it is a convenient solution to manage data consumption, it is important to keep in mind that it doesn’t support media streaming or VoIP applications. The data compression feature will give you a breakdown of the apps that are using your data. You can create a universal cache and manage the image quality and data savings. This option is available on CyberGhost’s mobile apps and it is part of their Premium service.

Hotspot Shield

US-based provider Hotspot Shield is known for its easy to use service that offers an effective and practical way to keep your data secure, even when you are on the go. While the service is simple and ideal for users with little experience with VPNs, it also offers high security and malware protection. Additionally, their mobile apps come with a data compression feature.

With Hotspot Shield’s solution, you can reduce data consumption and control the cost of your mobile data plan. When the content goes from your mobile device to Hotspot Shield’s secure servers, it is compressed. You can enjoy more content without increasing your bandwidth cost. The feature can be enabled on the mobile apps easily, allowing you to browse internet without worrying about spending more on your plan.

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