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emby vpnLong gone are the days when having a TV was the only entertainment option to watch movies, sports and more at home. Thanks to technology, the way in which we can enjoy content has changed significantly. We can now watch what we want, not only at home, but even when we are on the go. Emby is a very practical solution to keep your favorite media in a single place. With Emby, you can access and manage all your videos, photos and music, using a personal server that converts media automatically so that you can play it on any platform and device. Emby was previously known as Media Browser and it is mainly open source, although there are some proprietary elements. It uses a client server that offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies things when it comes to media entertainment.

Emby Server is compatible with major platforms like Mac, Windows and Linux. It also offers dedicated solutions for NAS devices, FreeBSDM and Docker. In addition, there are apps that will allow you to use Emby on Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PS4, Xbox 360 and more. With the mobile apps, you can enjoy the convenience of Emby on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Emby offers a good selection of customization options and if you are already using Kodi, you’ll be glad to know that you can sync the Emby client-server with Kodi setup and use them both. Thanks to the flexibility that Emby offers, you can enjoy live TV, organize your media into sleek presentations, sync media across your devices, sync your media to the cloud for easy access and more.

One of the best features supported by of Emby is its parental controls that allow you to prevent kids from accessing content that is not suitable for them. You can control and monitor their activities if needed, which lets you ensure that they are not exposed to inappropriate media and that they are not neglecting their homework or watching TV shows when they should be sleeping. Apart from allowing you to manage and access your recording, photos and all the content available on your library, Emby lets you enjoy live television. For this purpose, you can use HDHomeRuN Connect or other tuners that let you access channels. In your Emby server dashboard, you can click live TV in the sidebar, then click the add button next to tuner devices. After that you can manually select the tuner type you are using or you can click detect my devices. Then you can check what channels and transcoding devices are supported.

Using a VPN for Emby

Emby is a convenient solution to manage your media content from any location. It allows you access and organize your library, and it also gives you the chance to stream live TV. If you want to secure your data and ensure that you can enjoy a versatile streaming experience, a VPN is the best solution. When you use a VPN service, your online activities are encrypted, which prevents others from seeing your media files. You can enjoy privacy and ensure that eavesdroppers are not able to intercept your activities. In addition, if you come across online restrictions when you are trying to access content, a VPN is also a reliable solution. It lets you bypass blocks so that you can watch your favorite TV shows, sport streams and more. To enjoy protection for your privacy, as well as freedom to access content securely, you can opt for one of the VPNs in our list.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is an affordable VPN service that comes with all the features needed to enjoy a great streaming experience. It protects your internet traffic with strong encryption and it also has a strong privacy policy that states that no logs are kept of your activities. Private Internet Access is also known for its excellent customer support and helpful guides. You can connect to over 3000 servers in nearly 30 countries.


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular names in the market and it has a leading role in the industry. It is easy to understand why ExpressVPN is considered one of the best options, not only for Emby, but for any purpose. It delivers a fast service and it is designed to help you to get around restrictions so that you can enjoy online freedom. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it has servers in 94 countries.


TorGuard is another good option for Emby users since it is designed to protect your entire traffic, while ensuring that you can enjoy good speeds. TorGuard offers advanced technology that allows you to bypass restrictions from any location so that you can access the content that you want. It is possible to connect to servers in over 50 countries and thanks to TorGuard’s no logs policy and its strong encryption, your privacy is not compromised.


VPNArea features strong protection for your online traffic and it also offers great speeds to ensure that you can stream content without frustrating delays. It offers features like kill switch, DNS leaks protection, IPv6 protection and Anti-WebRTC. You can connect to over 200 servers in 69 countries and its network of servers is constantly being updated. VPNArea offers great value for money since it supports account sharing. No logs of your activities are kept.


NordVPN is also a remarkable VPN service that will allow you to secure your traffic and keep your media protected from eavesdroppers. Its focus is on security, but NordVPN also offers amazing speeds that will allow you to stream content on Emby without issues. NordVPN has thousands of servers in over 50 countries and it supports a great selection of features that enhance the security of your connection.

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  1. i have nordvpn, but i cant seem to get into my emby server remotely, only internaly. where once i turn the VPN off everything works just fine. i have read i have to have the port open but nordvpn dosnt do port forwarding or static ports.. any suggestions?

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