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Best VPN for Discord

Discord VPNGood communication is crucial for gamers who need to plan their next actions with their team. Although many rely on options like Skype and TeamSpeak, there is a comprehensive communication solution that is specifically designed for gamers. Discord is free and allows you to use voice and text to stay in touch with other players. Discord works on your desktop and phone and it is a secure, reliable and simple way to communicate. It is ideal for those who want to run their own social gaming server. Discord is an easy to use VoIP solution that is regularly updated and it offers a good range of features.

Discord offers many advantages over competitors like Skype, TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. Apart from being completely free, Discord offers features that are particularly helpful for gamers including IP & DDoS protection, low latency, In-game Overlay, minimal CPU usage, Opus Codec and Custom Hot Keys. In addition, Discord supports multiple channels, direct messaging, friend list and it offers free mobile apps. You can easily invite people to use the text and voice chat options supported by the service. Discord allows you to share videos, links, images and links from your computer or mobile phone and its smart performance ensures a minimal impact on your CPU resources.

Using a VPN with Discord

There are many aspects that make Discord a great VoIP solution and it is the right choice for gamers. However, some users may experience issues when they try to access the service. Some countries have banned applications like Discord and the same goes for certain networks. If you are connected to the internet using your school or work network, it is possible that you can’t access Disconect due to blocks implemented by network admins. Another case in which you wouldn’t be able to use Discord, is if your IP address has been banned from a server. Although we don’t encourage users to bypass a Discord ban, if you are having issues to access Discord due to your location, a VPN can come handy.

A VPN can help you to get around firewalls that prevent you from accessing Discord. By changing your IP address and protecting your traffic with encryption, a VPN allows you to defeat the blocks imposed in your country or in the network you are using to connect to the internet. If you have been banned on Discord and feel that the action was unfair, you have the option to use a VPN to create a new account. Your IP address will be disguised, which will allow you to circumvent the ban. Just make sure that you comply with the rules to avoid new issues. Many gamers prefer to use a VPN to keep their traffic protected or to access better routes.

As mentioned above, there are different cases in which you may want to use a VPN with Discord. However, many users experience issues when they try to us do this. The good news is that there are VPN services that can work well with Discord, allowing you to enjoy flexibility and security. In order to enjoy good performance while using Discord with a VPN, it is important to choose a service that is fast and reliable. This will help you to avoid latency issues and communication disruptions. The below VPNs offer features that make it ideal for Discord and for all your gaming needs.


ExpressVPN has ultra fast servers in 94 countries and thanks to its speed, it is considered as one of the best options for gamers. In order to be able to use Discord, it is advisable to have a VPN with UDP support. ExpressVPN’s OpenVPN version supports UDP as well as TCP ports. This along with the speed and reliability that this VPN offers, make it an ideal solution to secure your traffic and bypass restrictions so that you can use Discord without issues. ExpressVPN also offers high quality software for all major platforms.


Since Surfshark provides amazing speeds and highly effective unblocking technology, it is a great choice for gamers who want to use Discord securely and from anywhere. Surfshark has servers in over 50 countries and its No Borders mode is designed to ensure that you can overcome restrictions from any location. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs that could put your privacy at risk and it uses high encryption. You will be able to communicate with your team and ensure victory.

Private Internet Access

Another effective way to bypass restrictions and enjoy Discord, regardless of your location is using Private Internet Access. This is one of the most popular providers in the VPN industry and apart from its amazingly low prices, it deserves recognition due to the good quality of its service. If you subscribe to PIA for a whole year, you pay less than $3.50 per month and can get access to advanced features like Kill switch. Their plans also include SOCKS 5 proxy so you can enjoy even better speeds. Private Internet Access has over 3270 servers in 25 countries and it doesn’t log your online traffic.


CyberGhost aims to offer a great experience for players in any location. It is also a great choice for streaming content due to the fast speeds and powerful features that let you overcome restrictions. CyberGhost has high quality apps for all major platforms and it doesn’t keep logs. It is one of the most reliable services available and it will help you to take full advantage of Discord.

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