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If you are looking for an option to boost the performance of your home network and take full advantage of your broadband connection, Fritz!Box is a name that you should take note of. Produced by German company AVM, Fritz!Box is an impressive line of devices designed to help home users to achieve better speeds across all the devices within their network. The Fritz!Box series is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and thanks to the international version, which features an English language interface, it is quickly gaining recognition around the world.

There is a variety of models available,but all the devices have an attractive design featuring Red and White colors, making Fritz!Box easy to identify. With Fritz!Box, you can enjoy fantastic speeds for browsing, downloading and other tasks. The Fritz!Box brings together the powerful performance of an ADSL/VDSL modem and the convenience of a wireless router. It is the perfect solution for home networking and it supports an advanced telephone system, media server, LAN ports and USB 2.0 port for storage media and printers.It comes with DECT (cordless phone) base station that allows up to six handsets and 1 a/b port for analog telephone, fax or answering machine.

All Fritz!Box models use Fritz!OS, a Linux-based operating system that is regularly updated. Fritz!OS offers a web-interface via a browser that allows users to access all the data in their network and adjust settings in an easy way. There are also convenient mobile apps that let you access your data on the go. With the free Fritz!Box apps you can also manage your devices and make calls within your home network. With Fritz!Box’s media servers, you can enjoy your music, videos and pictures across all the devices in your home network.

As mentioned before, Fritz!Box also supports telephony features and you can connect your traditional analog telephone and make calls over the internet. The built-in answering machine and the fax feature support email notifications to keep you on top of your communications. Apart from the apps, you can use MyFRITZ! to access your device online, whenever needed. You simply need to create an account and you will be able to log in from any computer and get secure access to your files. It is a practical way to manage the data in your home network, even when you are travelling.

Fritz!Box works with any connection and it lets you manage communications, productivity and entertainment in your home network. In terms of security, AVM has implemented features such as pre-configured firewall, filter function, protection against attacks and parental controls. However, using a VPN is always advisable as it will enhance the security of your network. While the FritzBox allows VPN setup, this is designed for creating a VPN server that allows you to connect to your home network or as a VPN client to access a company network.

Unfortunately, It wouldn’t work to set up a commercial VPN on the Fritz!Box. In order to run a VPN service, you will need to use an additional router (with firmware like DD-WRT) and then connect it to your Fritz!Box. A router with custom firmware offers more flexibility than Fritz!Box, but you can still use this device to take advantage of its features. You can also contact your VPN provider’s customer support as they could help you to complete the set up on Fritz!Box. While there is no official support for Fritz!Box at the moment, the below providers offer excellent customer support and great set up guides for network routers.


If you are concerned about privacy and want to ensure that every aspect of your online activities is kept secure, your best bet would be NordVPN. They have a strong no logs policy and they are based in Panama, where data retention laws are not strict. Their location, also puts them outside the influence of the NSA and other organizations. NordVPN uses top encryption and some customers have reported that their support team helped them to set up the service on Fritz!Box.


ExpressVPN is one of the most comprehensive VPN services that you can get. It combines speed, high security and advanced technology through its excellent desktop and mobile apps. Additionally, it offers fantastic customer support and they are available to help, whenever needed. Your privacy is protected thanks to the high level of encryption that ExpressVPN uses to protect your data and the fact that there are no logs kept of your activity.


Surfshark supports multiple platforms and it can be easily set up on routers, which lets you then use the VPN on your Fritz!Box. You can secure your communications, make the most out of your bandwidth, defeat restrictions and enjoy strong privacy protection thanks to Surfshark. The VPN lets you connect to servers in over 50 countries and it supports convenient features like Whitelist, a solution that lets you decide which apps can bypass the VPN and use your standard internet connection instead. Surfshark has been independently audited and its security has been verified by experts.

Private Internet Access

Since PIA is an affordable solution, it is ideal for anyone who wants to save money, without sacrificing quality. You already spent money on routers and probably on subscriptions to premium streaming services, so it is likely that you want to get a low cost VPN. PIA offers great performance, high protection for your data and knowledgeable customer support at a very convenient price.


CyberGhost is another VPN with features that allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of Fritz!Box. It has over 3000 servers in 60 countries and it lets you access blocked content safely. CyberGhost’s guides and customer support will provide all the information needed to set up the VPN on Fritz!Box. CyberGhost doesn’t keep logs and it offers technology that ensures that you can overcome blocks. CyberGhost uses high encryption and it keeps your privacy secure at all times.

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