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jio vpnReliance Jio or simply Jio, is a hugely popular mobile network company in India that has revolutionized communications in that country. Over the last decade, its founder Mukesh Ambani, has invested a great deal of time an effort to make Jio a game changer in the Indian mobile industry. One of Jio’s first moves was to reduce call rates, making mobile phones more affordable to people in India. The company has impressive infrastructure and it has attracted a large customer base thanks to low priced plans that offer free voice calls and unlimited data during the night.

Jio a vast fiber optic network and once its 4G broadband services are launched throughout India, the company will likely have the largest coverage in the country. Jio aims to significantly increase the percentage of people who have access to 4G and it is likely that by 2018, the company has extended its 4G coverage to 90% of the country. This will allow more people to enjoy fast and convenient internet on their mobile phones. Additionally, Jio’s 4G service is set to be cheaper than other options.

Jio’s solid infrastructure includes eco-friendly cellular towers and international submarine cable landing stations that connect India to South East Asia and Europe. In addition, it is the only company in India that uses Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology, which facilitates video calls. Jio could allow people to communicate more effectively even in remote parts of India. In January 2016, the company released its own brand of affordable mobile phones called LYF, which come with unlimited + voice calls preview offer.

It is clear that the company has big plans and it has even launched its own selection of apps. They include options like JioTV and JioCinema, which could become the Indian version of Netflix, JioMusic, which offers music streaming in a similar way to services like Spotify and JioChat, an instant messaging solution for Jio users. The apps are available for Android and iOS and they are available fro free, but only for Jio subscribers. If you are in India, it is likely that you are already a Jio user and if you are not, it is likely that you subscribe to them in the future, given the potential that the company has to become the entertainment and communications giant in that country.

Since Jio provides a practical solution to connect to internet and it is likely to offer even more communication and media streaming solutions, it would be worth considering getting a VPN for it. It is likely that users want to improve the speed and efficiency of their data plan and VPNs are a good option for this.

A VPN will allow you to encrypt your communications, keeping them private and protected from eavesdroppers. Additionally, you can get the most of your 4G connection, by changing your IP address to access apps and websites that are not available in India. The below apps offer great mobile apps, an extensive selection of servers, high security and other features that will help you to get the most out of Jio’s growing service.


Many users in India want to unblock streaming services and websites and with a service like IPVanish. it is possible. The service provides great speeds and efficient routes across their network of servers in over 60 countries. They don’t keep any logs, which also makes them ideal for privacy conscious users. IPVanish also stands out for its professional customer service and high encryption.


ExpressVPN has servers in 87 countries and the excellent quality of its mobile apps is recognized in the VPN industry. Their service is fast, reliable and easy to use so you will be able to truly enjoy freedom and security while you access internet with Jio. ExpressVPN is not one of the cheapest services available, but its price is justified by the fantastic service. They don’t keep logs of your online traffic.


If you want to enjoy a high level of privacy and security for your online communications, NordVPN may be the right choice for you. They have a solid zero logs policy and since they are located in Panama, they are not ruled by mandatory data retention laws. NordVPN has servers in over 50 countries and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Buffered offers a well-rounded VPN service that combines strong security and above average to great speeds. They have servers in more than 30 countries and it allows you to bypass geographical restrictions without hassle. Buffered protects data with high security and its service is reliable and good for streaming. They don’t keep logs of the sites you visit or the applications used.


PureVPN has an impressive network that covers over 140 countries and that offers speed and consistency. Its practical mobile apps will allow you to enjoy a secure and versatile online experience on the go. They don’t keep logs of your online traffic and the service is idea for accessing content that is not available in your region.

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