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Best VPN for Kodi – Setup Guide Included

Kodi is a popular open source media streaming solution that allows you to access a broad selection of content including TV shows, movies, music and more. Kodi was previously known as XMBC, and it offers impressive performance and high customization. Although it facilitates the streaming of media, it is important to note that Kodi doesn’t include the content by default. The software can be used to stream content from a variety of sources with the help of special addons. There are many legitimate options that can be accessed via Kodi, but there are also some applications that can be used to access pirated movies and TV shows. It is important to keep in mind the legal implications of streaming such content, but if you chose to do so, it is advisable to use a VPN to protect your privacy. PureVPN’s Kodi option is a good one to consider.

A VPN can also help you to bypass geographical blocks to get access to content that is not available in your country. Kodi is an incredibly efficient software to enjoy your favorite media and if you combine it with a VPN, you will be able to enjoy a truly versatile streaming experience. Kodi works with multiple formats and you can choose from an extensive list of addons that allow to get the content that you want. One of the most popular options is Genesis, which lets you browse movies, TV shows, sport events and more. There are also many channels that can be added on Kodi and even if they are subject to geo-restrictions, you will be able to stream them, using a VPN.

Since a VPN encrypts your online traffic, not even your ISP will be able to see what websites you visit or what applications you use. Your activity remains private and the fact that it can routed through a server in a different country, means that you can disguise your IP address. This will not only allow you to keep your actual location hidden, but will also give you the possibility of accessing content that is available in the country where the server is located. You can connect to a server in the United States and enjoy all the popular streaming services that are available there. If you device to use Kodi to stream content from torrents, using a VPN is particularly important. You just need to make sure that you opt for a VPN service that supports P2P.

Adding Channels on Kodi

In order to be able to access a larger selection of content via Kodi, you will need to install addons. The below steps will help you to add channels on Kodi so that you can create a varied library with the content that you prefer.

  1. Open Kodi.
  2. Select Videos in the main menu in the left-side panel. You will see different options including “File”, “Playlists” and “Video add-ons”. Choose Video add-ons. You will see a selection of the add-ons available.
  3. Select “Options”, at the left-side bottom.
  4. Click “Get more” to see a list of channels. You can select the channel that you want to add to your library.
  5. Click on “Install” on the installation dialogue box of the add-on.
  6. Once the add-on is downloaded, you can click on it and activate it
  7. This will allow you start streaming content. You can see a list of the options available and select the one that you prefer. There are many add-ons to choose from and they offer video, music, games and more

Using a VPN with Kodi

Windows, Android and iOS users may not have the option to access and manage the VPN from within Kodi. However, they can install the relevant VPN client on their platforms and then they can connect to the VPN and let run in the background. The streaming traffic from Kodi, will be routed through the VPN and will be protected with encryption. This is the most simple way to enjoy the benefits of a VPN with Kodi. Many VPN providers offer dedicated clients for all major operating systems and most of them support OpenVPN, which is a protocol that provides a high level of security. Alternatively, you can find instructions to set up the service manually, in case the provider doesn’t offer its own VPN software, or you prefer not to use it.

If you use Mac OSX, you can also install the VPN software for this operating system, or configure it manually. The other option is to use the OpenVPN for Kodi add-on created by Brian Hornsby, which gives you the possibility of enabling and disabling the VPN from within Kodi. After installing the add-on, you will see it in your Programs menu. The OpenVPN configuration files need to be downloaded (you can get them from your provider) and then, you will have to import them into the add-on. Once you do this for each server, you will be able to control the VPN straight from the menu.

Linux users, including those who have OpenELEC or Raspberri Pi devices, can also rely on add-ons to manage the VPN from within Kodi’s interface. The options vary depending on the Linux distro, but Brian Hornsby’s OpenVPN for Kodi add-on will also work very well with Linux. If you use an OpenELEC device, you can choose the OpenVPN add-on created by Stefan Saraev instead. Finally, if you wish to set up a VPN on Roku, FireTV, Chromecast and similar options, the best choice is to set up the VPN on your router. This will allow you to direct the internet traffic from all the devices in your network through the VPN.

VPN Services for Kodi

While there are many VPN services available, we have only included in the list the options that are more suitable for Kodi. The services we have chosen offer good quality and speed, allowing you to stream your favorite content.


ExpressVPN is one of the leading solutions in the VPN industry. It is known for its reliability, fast service and professional customer service. They don’t keep logs of your online activities, support P2P and you can always find a fast server for streaming or downloading content. They offer excellent software for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, as well as a command-line app for Linux. Their clients include a kill switch option and DNS leak protection. The great speeds that you can get with ExpressVPN, make it a great option for Kodi.


Many users love PIA due to the convenience of its service and its affordable plans. This VPN service works well with several platforms, including Raspberry Pi. It is compatible with the OpenELEC VPN manager, giving you the option to access the VPN and control it from within Kodi. PIA has over 3000 servers so you are always likely to find an option that offers good speeds, no matter where you are. They don’t keep logs of your online activities.


Buffered is a fantastic solution for new VPN users and anyone who wants a simple way to secure their connection and bypass geo-restrictions. The service can be used on all major platforms and it offers great speeds for streaming content. They have servers in the US that allow you to unblock content from Netflix in that location. They don’t keep logs of your traffic and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


NordVPN is another top choice, particularly for users who are concerned about their privacy and the security of their connection. What makes it ideal for Kodi, is the fact that it offers a large selection of servers optimized for streaming. You can check what streaming services can be accessed by hovering over a server, before connecting to it. NordVPN allows P2P and it has a solid no logs policy.


If privacy is your main concern, AirVPN is a fantastic choice since the provider has a strong commitment to help customers to keep their online activities private. They will alps allow you to bypass geographical restrictions so that you access the content that you want without hassle. The service offers good speeds for streaming, it supports DNS leak protection and other security features and there are no logs kept at all.

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