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VPN that accepta perfect moneyThere is a variety of online payment options available, which allows users to choose the service that better suits their needs. Perfect Money is a well-established solution focused on supporting safe online transactions. The company uses advanced technology, but it maintains a user-friendly interface that ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of the service, without any complications. Perfect Money is available worldwide and it enables secure payments and money transfers through an electronic account. Perfect Money is a practical choice to send money to friends and family, pay for online purchases and services, earn monthly interests on funds stored on your account, buy Bitcoin and more. Perfect Money has been providing its services for over a decade and it takes pride on offering the lowest fees in the market.

The anonymity that Perfect Money provides has helped it to become a popular solution for people who want to make transactions, without exposing their identity and private information. With Perfect Money, it is possible to make transfers that can’t be traced back to a specific user. Plus, you can hold multiple wallets in the different currencies supported. Another advantage of Perfect Money is that it offers a variety of options to add funds to your electronic account. You can make bank transfers, use credit cards and even gift vouchers. As mentioned earlier, the fees are very low and the fact that the service is not subject to US or EU financial regulations, make it an appealing option for anyone who wants a service that is as anonymous and convenient as possible.

Perfect Money may not be as widely used and it doesn’t achieved the level of recognition that other options enjoy. However, in countries where other processors don’t offer their services, Perfect Money has become the leading online payment solution. Perfect Money aims to attract customers by offering more flexibility than the competition. Creating an account is very easy and all it takes is to go to the website, provide information such as your name and email address and once you confirm the details, you will be able to use your account. Thanks to the ease of use that Perfect Money stands for, and the fact that it enables anonymous payments, it can be considered as a convenient solution to pay for VPN services. However, not many VPN providers offer this option.

Perfect Money doesn’t require users to verify their identity and it offers mobile apps for use on the go, but not many VPN services support it as a payment method. Thankfully, there are some services that give you the chance to pay using Perfect Money, so if you have funds in your electronic account and want to add security and versatility to your internet connection, you can consider the below VPNs. This is not a complete list, but it includes VPN services that offer a good selection of features and that give you the chance to pay with Perfect Money for a service that will secure your traffic and bypass restrictions.

Best VPN Services that accept Perfect Money for payment


Ivacy is a VPN service based in Singapore and it is known for offering strong security and convenient features to bypass restrictions and enjoy online freedom and security, no matter where you are. They have a zero logs policy that gives you peace of mind and their network of servers is regularly being updated. You can connect to servers on hundreds of locations around the world and the speeds of the service are fantastic. Ivacy supports 5 simultaneous connections and you can enjoy great value for money. Plus, they support multiple payment options, including Perfect Money of course.

Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy may not be one of the most affordable solutions out there, but it provides advanced technology and strong security, as well as solid performance. They protect your data with high level encryption and manage a dedicated network of physical servers. Although the selection of locations is smaller than what you get from other providers, the reliability, security and fast speeds will allow you to enjoy a great online experience. No logs are kept of your activities and you can use the service in as many devices as you want at the same time.


You may not have heard about VPNSecure, but thanks to its good selection of features, it is an option that can be recommended. The no logs policy will ensure that there are no records of any aspect of the service and the way you use it. The network of servers is distributed across more than 40 countries. VPNSecure offers effective performance, solid speeds and good customer support. It is another good quality solution that supports Perfect Money as method of payment.


If you are looking for a fast, affordable solution that lets you pay with Perfect Money, make sure that you check SpiceVPN. You can even choose a plan that is only for a specific amount of time, so if you don’t want to commit to a long-term subscription, this is the option for you. There are multiple protocols supported and no logs of your activities are kept. SpiceVPN gives you flexibility to use the service for only a few days or even just a few hours.


BetterVPN has servers in a limited selection of countries, but since they are strategically distributed, you will be able to find an option that suits you. Some of the countries in which they have servers are Australia, Japan, France, Singapore, United Kingdom, India and Germany. There are no logs kept of your online activities and you can pay with Perfect Money.


ibVPN is a reliable, well-established solution that offers a great set of features so you can bypass restrictions effectively and enjoy a high level of security. You can enjoy great speeds and stream content that is usually not available in your location. There are different plans to choose from and the privacy policy is designed to ensure that your activities remain protected. The high level of security and the excellent customer service are other reasons to opt for ibVPN. PLus, currently, they are accepting Perfect Money.

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