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stremio vpnWith Stremio media player, it is possible to enjoy all your favorite content in the same location. The software is designed to allow you to watch TV shows, movies, live sports and live IPTV channels with high quality. It is a practical solution to manage and organize your video library to make sure that you never miss a new episode of a TV series that you love, or that you can continue watching a movie that you didn’t finish. Stremio notifies you when new content is released and you can also find a great selection of recommendations based on your viewing preferences. Stremio works as a good alternative to Kodi and it also offers the possibility of using official and third-party add-ons.

The add-ons are what really brings out Stremio’s functionality as they allow you to watch an amazing variety of content from many different sources. The options available include popular names like Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and iTunes. There are also community add-ons that let you stream content directly from Torrent websites. In this category, you can find VODO, Iberian and Juan Carlos. Thanks to Stremio’s convenient features, you will be able to organize all the content by type, in alphabetical order, or according to its release date. The app also lets you keep track of the content you watch with the help of a useful calendar that shows the movies and TV shows added to your library.

Stremio can gather content from several providers, giving you flexibility to choose what you want to watch. Then you can manage everything easily from Stremio’s practical and elegant interface. Streamio is the easy way to enjoy movies and TV series from multiple sources, without having to switch from one service to another. With Streamio, you can also enjoy content on a larger screen since it lets you cast TV series, movies, live TV and anything else you are watching on your smartphone or tablet to a smart TV. There are apps available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Why do you need a VPN for Stremio?

As we previously mentioned, Stremio offers both official and third-party add-ons and users can create their own add-ons to offer more options for the Stremio community. The issue is that some of the content that can be accessed through third-party add-ons, may be premium content that has not be licensed to be available on that specific platform. This means that copyright enforcing agencies are likely to try to identify those who access content for free and without the required authorization. If you want to avoid warning letters and even legal issues, it is important that you protect your privacy with a VPN. While it’s advisable to opt for authorized content sources, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to use add-ons that may contain copyrighted content without the required license. But if you do use this kind of add-ons, you need to use a VPN to make sure that your onlien activities can’t be seen by others.

Apart from the security and privacy advantages of using a VPN service, this technology will also help you to bypass geographical restrictions. Even if you are using an official add-on such as YouTube, you may come across videos that are not available in your location. You can get around the blocks by connecting to a VPN server in a different country. This will not only redirect all your traffic through a secure tunnel that hides your activities from prying eyes, but will also make you appear as if you were in a different location so you can bypass geo-restrictions.

Here you will see the list of the best VPN services for Stremio.


Since ExpressVPN is one of the fastest services in the VPN industry, it is obviously one of the best options when it comes to streaming content on Stremio. ExpressVPN has excellent software for all major platforms and its customer support service is available every day and at any time. You can connect to servers in over 90 countries, which gives you many options to bypass restrictions and enjoy great international content. In addition, ExpressVPN is known for offering very high security to protect your data.


NordVPN is the favorite service for many privacy conscious internet users thanks to the fact that it has a zero logs policy. But that is not all, NordVPN also applies high encryption to your traffic, which keeps it protected from eavesdroppers and other threats. Thanks to advanced security features like double VPN and Tor over VPN, you can enjoy an amazing level of protection. There are also fast servers to defeat blocks and enjoy more content on Stremio.


PureVPN has an outstanding selection of global servers that let you enjoy content from pretty much anywhere in the world. With PureVPN, you can connect to more than 750 servers in over 140 countries. They also support solid speeds that allow you to stream content without experiencing frustrating buffering. They have easy to use apps for popular platforms and they also work very well with Stremio and other media content solutions.


VyprVPN is in charge of its own network of servers, which are located in over 70 locations around the world. The fact that this provider manages it own infrastructure means that it can offer consistent speeds and good performance. You can get around restrictions without issues thanks to their Chameleon technology. This protocol is designed to mask your VPN traffic so that it can’t be blocked. VyprVPN is perfect for streaming content on Stremio and protect your privacy, no matter where you are.


IPVanish also controls its own network of servers, which allows it to offer high quality service and fantastic speeds. The reliability and advanced technology that IPVanish allows you to enjoy, also mean that you can stream content without problems. The service is very secure and incredibly fast so you will be able to access great content on Stremio from any location. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries.

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