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Best VPN for India 2023

Internet users in India are blocked from using various services from Netflix, to file sharing websites. Adding a VPN service can unblock worldwide streaming services, but also encrypt your data, and add some security to your online browsing. When you encrypt your data, you also add a layer of anonymity between you and anyone snooping on your online data, even your internet service provider or government can no longer decrypt all your browsing details.

Censorship removed, bandwidth throttling removed, secure encryption added to all your passing traffic, and all this while often improving internet speeds on long routes, thanks to shorter connection points between private VPN server nodes. This is especially interesting for anyone wanting to play games or steam US, UK, Japan servers from India.

Additionally, business owners in India can take full advantage of VPN servers to broaden their global online access, and lower communication costs by leveraging VoIP services. The benefits go on, and whether you simply want to access sites such as Netflix and Hulu, or access other blocked file sharing sites, we compiled a short list of the best VPN providers for India. We focus on overall service, speed, global coverage, and local access to Asian VPN servers, in case required.

Best VPN Providers for India

VyprVPN – Full Review

VyprVPN is a solid contender for Indian internet subscribers, offering fast VPN servers spread across the world – over 700 servers  in over 40 countries – including a strong presence across Asia, for tasks such as local VoIP or short routes for large data transfers.Plenty of North American and European servers to provide you access to all worldwide websites and services. VyprVPN is P2P friendly and has great software and service, making them a top vpn service not just for India, but worldwide. Additionally, each plan offers some encrypted cloud storage for you to safely backup your important data. Price does come in a bit higher than some, but a risk free trial is offered, so you can give it a test run before committing.

ExpressVPN- Full Review

ExpressVPN is not the cheapest service, in fact it’s just slightly more expensive than most, but that should not deter you from testing, or at least considering ExpressVPN for encrypted service in India. They are also one of the biggest providers with a massive network of hundreds of servers spanning across 97+ cities in 78+ countries, including great coverage in Asia, and Indian servers are provided for local access. Additionally, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, much longer than any other provider, proving that they take great pride and care in providing the best service possible. Only two simultaneous connections per account can be used, and split between 1 computer and 1 mobile device, with advanced software included for all popular platforms. If you’re looking for a deluxe service, ExpressVPN should be able to deliver stellar connections for India.

Private Internet Access – Full Review

If you’re looking to spend the least amount of money possible, PIA – Private Internet Access is a great VPN choice for India. They provide over 2000+ servers in a smaller amount of countries, just over a dozen, but cover the most popular locations for streaming, media and social sites. The service also allows for up to 5 simultaneous connections, making the cost even cheaper if you have multiple users to split it with in your household or business. P2P is supported and plenty of fast servers to pick from, but since only provided across 13 countries, make sure it fits your needs. The cheapest plan is the yearly option, coming it at a cost of just $3.33 per month. With that said, PIA does not offer any free trials or refunds, but I wouldn’t keep recommending them if they sucked, plus customer feedback is very positive. For India, Private Internet Access is a cost effective VPN provider, just as long as you don’t need more countries.

PureVPN – Full Review

PureVPN has enough global coverage, and fast servers to to satisfy both personal and business users. With extra business options such as static IP with DDoS protection, or HDX Streaming for streaming high definition video on slow internet connections, they have all the options no one else has. The basic service comes at a very affordable and competitive price, so you won’t get deterred by looking at their packages. Over 450 servers across some 90 countries pretty much opens up the world to Indians. There’s plenty of access across Asia, including one premium server in India. From VoIP calls, to P2P, streaming and gaming, PureVPN has the network and speed for it. The service allows up to 5 simultaneous connections, making it a good buy if you need to use it on multiple devices/users.

IPVanish – Full Review

IPVanish makes the cut as a good VPN service in India for also having a large global coverage. They claim to have the fastest VPN network and currently provide close to 150 high bandwidth servers in more than 60 countries. 20 servers are available in Asia alone, including one in Mumbai. IPVanish has a straight forward simple service that comes with easy to use software on all popular platforms. The ping speeds are indeed fast, and we never had any slow downs using their service, so if speed is at the forefront, they are worth considering. The service price is very competitive, but only allows 3 simultaneous connections, and only 1 per protocol. The free trial allows you to test the service risk free, before committing the right VPN for you in India

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