How to get unbanned from Omegle – VPN for Omegle

Internet has given us the opportunity to discover places and meet new people without leaving our home. While Facebook lets is stay in touch with people that we know from school, work, there are other options that are specifically designed to let us connect with complete strangers. Free online chat website Omegle is one of them. This service randomly pairs you with another user in one-on-one chat sessions. No registration is required and you can stop a chat and start a new one whenever you want.

In Omegle, you and the other person can chat anonymously using the names “You” and “Stranger”. The website encourages users to keep their identities protected and while it offers a fun and easy way to chat to people online, users are also advised to be careful and to avoid disclosing personal information. To narrow down the selection of chat partners, you can add your interests and let Omegle find someone that likes the same things as you do.

Omegle was initially focused on text chat, but a video option was later introduced. There are thousands of users regularly available to chat on the platform and you won’t need to download any additional software (unless you are using a mobile, in which case you can get the Android app) or create an account to start a chat. While Omegle is fairly basic in terms of features, it offers a good option for those who want to talk to strangers without having to reveal too much about themselves.

With Omegle you can talk to people in a distant country and learn a bit about their culture or share your love for music with someone that you probably wouldn’t have met in other circumstances. Whatever the case, if you truly want to feel safe when you are using Omegle, using a VPN would be the best option. A VPN will not only allow you to disguise your actual location by letting you change your IP address, it will also encrypt your online traffic. In order to enjoy a fast, secure and entertaining chat in Omegle, you can choose one of the VPN services below.

Best VPN  Services for Omegle


Since ExpressVPN offers one of the fastest services in the VPN industry, it deserves to be considered by those who want to chat without experiencing frustrating delays. The provider also offer high level of protection for your online data and gives you access to servers in at least 87 countries. This will allow you to keep your actual IP protected and also comes handy when you want to stream international content without having to worry about geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activity.


With IPVanish you can experience fantastic speeds and access to a reliable and efficient network of servers that cover 60 countries. IPVanish is also recognized for the high quality of its customer support and for the strong encryption used to protect your confidential data when you are connected to internet. They don’t keep logs and offer a great solution to enjoy Omegle securely.

Private Internet Access

Many customers rely in PIA due to its solid commitment to privacy and the convenient price of its plans. With PIA you can enjoy good speeds and high level of encryption to keep your online traffic protected from online spying and hackers. Although they have servers in just 24 countries, their network features more than 3,000 servers and the locations are distributed strategically so you can always find a convenient option. No activity logs are kept and Bitcoin is accepted as method of payment.


If privacy is your main concern and you wish to make sure that it remains protected, no matter where you are or who you talk to in Omegle, consider NordVPN, a provider based in Panama. Their locations allows them to offer a solid privacy policy and thanks to features like Tor over VPN, you can enhance your online anonymity. NordVPN has servers in over 40 countries and they don’t keep any logs.


ibVPN offers excellent customer support and an affordable service that adapts to different requirements. They have a free trial and although it only lasts 6 hours, it gives you the possibility of discovering all the features that ibVPN supports. They have servers in over 40 countries and your data is protected with high encryption so you can access websites and chat without compromising your prelacy. ibVPN also offers SmartDNS, which is a practical option for streaming.

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