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Best VPN for Tixati

Tixati is a BitTorrent client that is ideal for users who prefer a basic design. It has a classic, dark interface, with bright color text. Tixati is a simple solution that provides access to an array of useful details and stats of your torrenting. This free and efficient P2P system offers native versions for Windows and Linux and it doesn’t contain spyware or ads. Tixati can be installed easily, without requiring java or .net, and it supports incredibly fast downloading algorithms. You will be able to enjoy effective peer selection and advanced features like IP filtering, Event Scheduler and RSS.

Tixati lets you manage your bandwidth efficiently and it features RC4 encryption to enhance the security of your connection. Other options like Magnet Link, PEX, DHT, UPD Peer connections and NAT router hole-punching are also available with this torrenting program. Although Tixati is designed to be a secure and convenient solution, it is still affected by the vulnerabilities of P2P itself. Your IP address may be exposed to others, putting you at risk of becoming a target for online surveillance agencies, hackers or copyright enforcers.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that your Internet Service Provider is able to keep track of all your online traffic using methods like deep packet inspection. In Tixati, other users can see your IP address easily by going to the “Peers” tab, located at the bottom of the client. In order to protect your privacy and ensure that your location is not revealed, it is important to protect yourself while using Tixati. With the help of a VPN, you can mask your IP address and keep your actual location concealed.

VPNs for Tixati

There is a good selection of VPN services that will keep your privacy protected, while offering satisfactory speeds for your torrenting needs. Once you are running the VPN, it would be advisable to check that it is working correctly. You can use IP checking tools like and test the torrent IP address using the test service available on The VPN services in this list not only support P2P, but also offer strong privacy features and accept Bitcoin as method of payment. Below you will find the best options to ensure that your P2P traffic is protected when you use Tixati.


Setting up TorGuard with Tixati is easy and the provider offers a myriad of features that make it an ideal choice for torrenting. Apart from supporting good speeds and high security, TorGuard offers a solid privacy policy that establishes that no logs are kept. They even handle DMCA requests internally, without putting their customers’ data at risk. You can access servers in over 50 countries and pay for the service using Bitcoin. TorGuard also offers its own IP checker tool that allows you to confirm that your real IP address is not being exposed.


ExpressVPN features consistently in the list of the most secure, effective and fast services for different purposes. Apart from offering excellent speeds across its network of servers, they provide strong encryption to defend your traffic from eavesdroppers. You can connect to servers in 87 countries so you will easily find a good option to disguise your location and enjoy optimal performance. They support P2P and Bitcoin payments are accepted. Additionally, ExpressVPN doesn’t log your online traffic and they are located in the British Virgin Islands, where the approach to data retention laws is more flexible.


With PureVPN, you can also use Tixati without compromising your privacy. The provider has servers in 141 countries, making it one of the most powerful options in terms of global coverage. P2P is supported and a kill switch is available as a measure to enhance the security of your online data. If the VPN disconnects, the kill switch will stop all traffic to prevent that your real IP address is revealed. They don’t keep logs of your online activities and you will enjoy good speeds for streaming and downloading. It is possible to pay using Bitcoin.


AirVPN may only have servers in 16 countries at the moment, but they offer advanced features to protect your privacy. Having a smaller network gives them greater control over security and allows to manage the performance of their servers more effectively. They offer powerful solutions like VPN over Tor, SSL or SSH tunneling and double-encryption. AirVPN is more suitable for users with stronger technical knowledge, but it is a good option to keep your data private (they don’t log traffic and accept Bitcoin) and their service allows P2P.

Private Internet Access

PIA is the favorite choice for many users thanks to the affordable price of its plans and the ease of use of the service. While affordability is one of the strengths of PIA, it is not the only reason to consider them. The provider offers an effective, fast and secure VPN with servers in 24 countries. This may seem limited when compared to other options, but the locations have been selected to ensure that users across the world enjoy good speeds and reliable performance. Their privacy policy states that no activity logs are kept and you can pay using Bitcoin and gift cards.

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