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Guide to Bypassing Cyberoam and Accessing Blocked Sites

Cyberoam Technologies is a company based in India, specialized in providing Network Security solutions for users in over 125 countries. One of its most recognized products is the identity-based threat management tool that comprises anti-spam, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, content filtering, bandwidth limits and more. These controls are important for security and allow organizations to identify patterns of use that represent a threat to the network. The system offers an online security firewall that is placed by many companies and colleges to control the way in which their employees and students use internet.

Cyberoam prevents users in a corporate or academic environment from accessing certain websites and when it is configured correctly, the system is very strong and almost impossible to break. However, the system is open to some vulnerabilities and it is possible to find ways to get around it. Although companies and schools have to protect the security of their network and bypassing their restrictions, may go against their codes of conduct, it is understandable that users look for ways to browse internet freely.

We spend most of our time at school or work and there may be cases in which we need to access a website that is blocked by their security settings. While your employer or you college may want to protect their network and also ensure that you focus on your work or study, during your break you may want to access services that are restricted, which may include social media apps. In this article, we’ll take a look at the options that will allow you to bypass Cyberoam, including some leading VPN services. Just keep in mind that while these methods can work in many cases, this would depend on the security settings implemented by the network administrator.

How to Bypass Cyberoam

Before we go through the VPN solutions that you can try, we’ll discuss some alternative options that you can also consider. Here are some of the most simple and effective ways to bypass Cyberoam.

Use Google Cached Pages

This is a simple solution that may allow you to access the blocked website, although only partially. The version that you get access to, may be outdated and you will probably not be able to check all the sections, but it could work for simple websites.

Tor Browser

Another method to bypass Cyberoam is by using the Tor Browser. Tor uses a network of servers to help you anonymize your web traffic. This can help you bypass Cyberoam and access blocked websites. However, it’s important to note that while Tor can help you bypass restrictions, it can also slow down your internet speed.

Utilizing Google Translate

This one may seem silly, but it has been reported that Google Translate can also be used to bypass Cyberoam. You can enter the URL of the blocked website in Google Translate and view the translated version of the website. This method works because Cyberoam often does not block Google Translate, so it’s worth a try if you know a second language or only wish to access media content like images, music, and videos.

IP Address Translation

Sometimes, Cyberoam blocks websites based on their URL. In such cases, you can try accessing the website by typing its IP address instead of the URL. This method, however, requires you to know the IP address of the website you want to access by visiting a website that provides a DNS Lookup Tool. By doing a DNS Lookup search, you can find the IP address for a domain, but your organization’s Cyberoam firewall may be very restrictive and block all DNS lookup websites as well.

Accessing Archived Web Pages

This is not a way to actually bypass Cyberoam but if the content on the blocked website doesn’t change frequently, you might have access its archived version. Websites like the Wayback Machine provide archived versions of many websites on the internet. You can simply enter the URL of the website you want to access, and the Wayback Machine will show you a snapshot of the website from a past date. As long as Wayback Machine is not blocked, you can try to use this method. The downfall is that not all websites, and not all webpages are successfully archived or available for the dates you require. So this is more of an idea than a solution.

Secure URL

Yet another hit or miss method, another idea is to verify if you might be using an unsecure URL. Sometimes, simply changing the URL from HTTP to HTTPS can help you bypass Cyberoam. This is because HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP and is often not blocked by Cyberoam, but this does not apply to most users as this would only likely happen on small websites. All popular websites default to secure HTTPS already.

VPN services

While Cyberoam offers an option that can block VPNs, there are services that can disguise VPN traffic effectively. There are many advantages of using a VPN, including encryption to protect your data and good speeds that allow streaming and gaming. Below you will find the options that you can try to bypass Cyberoam.



Fast, easy to use and reliable, ExpressVPN is one of the best solutions in the VPN industry. They offer strong encryption, super fast servers and impressive software for different platforms. Their network has coverage in 87 countries and their privacy policy states that no logs are kept of your online activities.



NordVPN is one of the most secure services available, thanks to its combination of high encryption and a zero logs policy. Additionally, they support features like Tor over VPN and double encryption. With NordVPN, you can bypass censorship effectively and enjoy access to servers in over 50 countries.



VyprVPN has developed a solution that disguises OpenVPN traffic to bypass firewalls and Deep Packet Inspection without issues. This technology is called Chameleon and it is just one of the reasons why VyprVPN is worth considering. They have servers in more than 50 countries and their service supports good speeds.



Bypassing online restrictions is possible with the effective network of servers that Surfshark supports. The provider supports all major platforms and it offers access to servers in over 50 countries. You can defeat filters and enjoy online freedom, as well as high security thanks to the impressive standard of encryption that Surfshark supports. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it offers fast performance that enables you to stream data, play games and more, from any location. Another advantage of this provider is that it allows as many simultaneous connections as you want.



CyberGhost has been around for many years and it is still one of the most reliable and efficient VPN services that you can get. Its no logs policy is combined with strong encryption to keep your information secure at all times. You can easily bypass restrictions thanks to the impressive network of servers that includes more than 3000 servers in over 60 countries. CyberGhost also has high quality apps for all major platforms and affordable plans. It is another solution to get around Cyberoam and enjoy the content that you want.

Ethical Considerations When Bypassing Cyberoam

While it’s possible to bypass Cyberoam, it’s important to remember that these methods should be used responsibly and ethically. Always respect the rules and regulations of your network administrator and it’s always the best idea to only use these methods for legitimate purposes only. Be mindful of what websites you’re visiting and if you’re clicking on third-party links taking you to unsecure sites. Be mindful of what files and programs you might be downloading or using while on the Cyberoam network. It’s safe to user websites YouTube, Netflix or Spotify as the content is safe, but social media websites often contain links to third party websites that are best avoided on sensitive networks such as a school or workplace.


In conclusion, it’s not impossible to completely bypass restrictions set by Cyberoam, and the best way to do so is by using a VPN because it encrypts all the data on your device, and Cyberoam can no longer see what websites or services you’re visiting. But once more, while these methods can help you bypass Cyberoam and access blocked websites, it’s important to remember that they should be used responsibly. Bypassing network restrictions can often lead to consequences, especially in a workplace or educational setting. Always ensure that you’re not violating any policies or laws while using these methods.

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