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More and more people are understanding that Linux systems are incredibly more secure than Windows platforms, and Linux is becoming far easier for the average user to install and use. With the massive success and the rise in popularity of Ubuntu, people are making safer choices that prevent themselves from losing data to a virus or malware. But a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that because they are using Ubuntu that their Internet browsing activates are also safe. Unfortunately this isn’t necessarily true, because even though you are using a more secure operating system, all bets are off once your data leaves your host computer and traverses the public Internet.

Ubuntu2However, one of the biggest challenges that new Ubuntu users face is finding software that will run on their operating system. Once someone discovers that computer software isn’t always written with every operating system in mind, it can be very difficult finding the right software solutions. New Ubuntu users quickly discover that the vast majority of mainstream third party computer software is written for Windows. The good news is that Linux platforms like Ubuntu provide virtually limitless access to free software, and most VPN service providers utilize OpenVPN clients to make their services available on Ubuntu. If you either use or are considering using Ubuntu and you want to find the best VPN for this operating system, consider the following options.

ExpressVPN – Full Review

Express VPN is a leader in the VPN service industry, and they provide great instructions for setting up your VPN on Ubuntu. Their guide chooses to show you how setup the VPN via the GUI as opposed to the command line because the GUI is much easier. One of the reasons Express VPN is doing so well as a company is due to their 24/7 support, which would be able to help you make the configuration on Ubuntu should you run into any problems.

NordVPN – Full Review

NordVPN is another good choice that will help you to add protection to your Ubuntu experience. It offers the chance to use up to six devices at the same time, meaning that you can secure your computer running Linux, as well as your other devices. NordVPN also offers excellent customer supports and it gives you access to thousands of servers located in more than 50 countries. The high security features such as Onion over VPN and double VPN encryption are also reasons why this is one of he best providers available for Ubuntu.

Private Internet Access – Full Review

Private Internet Access providers a great setup guide as well, but they go one step further than some of their competitors do on the Linux frontier. Instead of only providing instructions for setting up a PPTP VPN connection in an effort to simplify things, they also provide instructions for setting up an SSL VPN tunnel. For those of you who want to use a stronger VPN protocol without digging around for a configuration guide on the service provider’s site, Private Internet Access has your bases covered.

Surfshark – Full Review
Surfshark logo

If you are a Linux user, it is likely that you prioritize privacy and security. Surfshark is an ideal solution to add protection to your online activities. This provider supports multiple platforms including Linux. It works on Ubuntu and also on Debian and it offers strong security, as well as the flexibility that you need to overcome restrictions and enjoy freedom to access the content that you want. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it uses high level protection.

VyprVPN – Full Review

The Vypr VPN setup instructions for Ubuntu do admittedly tell you each step that needs to be taken to successfully configure OpenVPN for connections, but their guide leaves a little to be desired. The largest drawback to their guide is the absence of pictures and screenshots that show you what to do. Their guide is complete as far as telling you what to type and where to click, but some people are visual learners who would rather have an image to help guide them throughout the configuration process.

However, apart from that one small drawback, Vypr VPN is among the best VPN solutions for Ubuntu due to the strength of their VPN service and the fact that they provide the Linux commands to download their certificate from the command line. They make it very easy to copy and paste tediously long shell commands straight into the terminal.

In Summary

Though not all VPN service providers post setup guides for Ubuntu, these VPN providers explain in great detail the steps that need to be taken. However, more often than not VPN providers choose to show you how to setup a PPTP VPN. Their goal is to make the configuration as easy as possible, so they opt for PPTP demos in lieu of stronger protocols that are a little more difficult and finicky to configure. In addition, since Ubuntu is a Linux system and uses free and open source software, almost all of the Ubuntu VPN implementations are going to be using OpenVPN.

Lastly, consider that not only are these 5 VPN providers extremely well respected and the best VPNs for Ubuntu, but they will drastically increase your digital security. By using Ubuntu as your operating system in the first place, you circumvent the possibility of getting nasty viruses and malware because most of them are written for Windows. On top of using Ubuntu, implementing one of these VPNs will protect your online activities from attackers and digital predators.

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