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UK-VPNThe UK is known for having great broadcasting, so great that a significant amount of people sign up for VPN services with the sole purpose to take advantage of all the online streaming websites as well as sports and football broadcastings offered strictly in the UK. Some of those websites are instantly recognizable like BBC iPlayer, Channel 4oD, Spotify UK and more! Of course, if you are in the UK, you already have access to BBC’s ad-free iPlayer as well as all other local broadcastings, which means VPN users wanting access to these services are located elsewhere. The sheer popularity of British television and broadcasting attracts millions of viewers across the world but those travelling abroad away from their homes in the UK, also look to find a way to get access to familiar and comforting entertainment, no matter where they are and the best way to effectively do so and get good connection speeds, is by investing in a solid VPN service for yourself.

If you are located in the UK already, there remains plenty of reason for wanting to protect your online activity. With the rise of government surveillance and increasing online censorship, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Using public Wi-Fi is another great motive to invest in protecting your data and identity from thieves actively using public internet locations to steal your info.

Picking the best VPN service providers for the UK and England was firstly based on server availability in the area. It is important to have a good selection of servers to pick from in Great Britain for those wanting to stream video or music. If the servers get overcrowded, it will inevitably affect speed and possibly interrupt your streaming, therefore speed remained a very important factor. Streaming features and software we’re also considered, as many now watch video or use Spotify on mobile devices, ease of use and stability for the users was considered.

PureVPN – Full Review

PureVPN takes the lead as the best UK VPN service overall because of a few key characteristics. First and foremost, they have an excellent selection of UK IP addresses with over 60 servers in London and Maidenhead alone. They offer software that can be used on all devices and that easily allow you to connect to servers and access BBC iPlayer, ITV and all other websites without much effort. Finding a fast server is far from being difficult and speed stability is stellar. Although priced a bit higher than most, they allow up to 5 simultaneous accounts to be connected, allowing you to share and use the service across all your devices or with the whole family.

An extra feature offered by PureVPN as a paid add-on, is their HD Streaming Buffering, made for those hardcode film and sports fans that don’t want anything but High Definition but possibly don’t have a fast enough internet connection to properly enjoy it.  The Dedicated Streaming feature adds 20Mbps of streaming buffering, instantly adding 20Mbps to your data connection, no matter how slow your internet is.

IPVanish – Full Review

Another great choice for both UK residents and those abroad wanting to access all the great streaming services is IPVanish. Although they do not boast a very large selection of UK servers, 4 in London and 2 in Manchester, they do operate the fastest growing tier-1 network this year, constantly adding more servers every other week and claiming to have the fastest VPN speeds in the industry. They have a strong overall presence in Europe with a total of 67 servers. making them a solid choice for UK residents and just like they advertise, the server speeds are really great even when located overseas. We often get 80% of our total bandwidth on their service and if any servers get crowded, IPVanish upgrades that area very quickly.

IPVanish also offers easy to use automatic setup software on all devices that anyone can use. The cost is great considering the quality of the network and security you get. Match that with great customer service and top shelf speeds and you have yourself a winner. You can use up to 2 simultaneous devices on any IPVanish package.

VyprVPN – Full Review

VyprVPN is in third with just about the same offerings as the two top services. They also have great customer service, their own tier-1 network and very fast servers. VyprVPN has some of the most developed software for computers and mobile devices alike, which easily facilitate your connection to a UK based IP address. The one downside, is that they only offer 1 server in London. Which brings concern over the possibility of it getting slow at the most unfortunate time. Fortunately, being that they operate their own servers, it helps to know they do a great job at managing overall speed. VyprVPN does not cut it as the best UK VPN provider, but they do deserve an honorable mention, as for some, other locations may be more important and with their 700+ strong tier-1 cluster network, they sure can please the needs of most.

The pricing rates a little higher than most, but on par with other large VPN services. The 3 packages offered are different in terms of features or how many simultaneous connections are allowed. The good thing about VyprVPN, is that they offer a 3-Day Free Trial allowing everyone to test the service for whatever specific need they have, ensuring that it performs exactly as they want before purchasing the service.

Private Internet Access – Full Review

PIA gets an honorable mention in fourth place as the best value for your money service. With the possibility of using up to 3 simultaneous devices, Private Internet Access’s packages and prices are really hard to beat or pass by for a tight budget. What is really impressive, is that for such a low cost service, you get amazing speeds. One would expect to have rubbish service to some degree, but it’s hard to complain about PIA. Just like any VPN service, sooner or later you fall on slow servers, but they have a very large selection that alleviates any bottlenecking, allowing you to always find a better connection point when needed. With 71 servers in London and 33 in Southampton, you can rest assured that you will be covered.

PIA also operates a tier-1 network for the most part and although speeds are a little bit lower than some of the top VPN services, slow speeds are not an issue. Private Internet Access has retained a solid track record for keeping your privacy safe for many years now and have a large number of loyal customers.

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