Best Websites to Receive SMS Messages Online without a Phone

SMS or text messages are a popular and practical communication solution. Even if you don’t have much time to talk, you can send a short message to arrange a meeting, let others know that you are on your way, or simply stay in touch with friends and family. Many businesses also use SMS as a way to promote their brands or to verify customers’s information. There are cases in which you may be asked to provide your mobile phone to sign up for a service. Websites that use phone verification system require you to provide a phone number so that they can send you a code via SMS or voice call. Then, you will need to enter the code on the website to confirm that you are a real user. The purpose of this system is to avoid spam bots and to prevent the same person from creating multiple accounts.

Many users don’t feel comfortable providing personal information, which is why they may prefer to look for an alternative way to receive texts that doesn’t involve giving away their phone number. It may be that you don’t have your mobile phone with you, or that you are unable to check text messages at that moment. Regardless of the case, there are options that will allow you receive SMS messages without having to provide your phone number. If you want to sign up for a service but don’t want to be targeted by spam, or if you simply don’t want to provide your real phone number, you can use the below websites. They use virtual phone numbers that offer a practical solution to receive SMS messages without compromising your personal information. Some of them are free, while others have trial accounts and premium services. To enhance your privacy, there are paid options that accept anonymous payment methods like Bitocoin.

Free Online Phone

If you are looking for a free and simple option that works effectively, this website could be the right choice. It allows you to receive SMS without having to provide your real phone number and it features numbers from Austria, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong. While they don’t offer private numbers, meaning that anyone can use the same number and see the messages, the service is practical and easy to use. All you need to do is to choose one of the numbers and use it to receive SMS texts.


This website offers a simple solution for users across the world who prefer to check SMS messages online. They have an extensive list pf virtual phone numbers in countries like United States, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, Australia and more. You don;t need to register and it is possible to get a private number for enhanced security. They are constantly adding new numbers. You can get 10 virtual phone numbers for $10 and they accept a variety of payment methods including Bitcoin and Western Union. Apart from virtual phone numbers, they offer a phone verification solution for popular social media platforms and other online services.


Proovl is a premium service that gives you access to numbers in an extensive selection of countries and it covers locations that are not available elsewhere. The service works with over 1000 networks and their SMS numbers have virtual global coverage. Proovl offer multiple services and apart from receiving messages, you can send them to any of the countries supported. The price depends on the location selected.


ReceiveFreeSMS.com is a straightforward option that offers numbers in a variety of locations. You can use free virtual phone numbers in Australia, Brazil, United States, Israel, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Russia, United Kingdom and Sweden. They also offer private numbers in Mexico, Norway, Belgium and more. The prices for the private numbers range between $7 and $12, depending on the country selected.


This is another convenient website for those who prefer a basic, free solution. Currently, they have public virtual phone numbers in Australia, United States, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Latvia and Netherlands. The list may vary but once you choose a number, you will be able to read texts sent to it, just by going to the website. There is no registration required and if preferred, you can get a private number from $15.


This is a website from the same creators of Free Online Phone and it also offers public phone numbers from multiple locations including United Kingdom and United States. It is more limited than other options in the list, but it can also be handy for checking SMS text messages.

Pinger TextFree Web

Textfree Web is a service created by Pinger to allow people to get a free phone number in the United States. It is designed to let you send and receive SMS messages, so it is more suitable for chatting with someone without using your phone. In order to use the service, you will need to sign up providing your email address and a US zip code. If you prefer not to use your actual email address, you can opt for an anonymous or disposable one. The downside of TextFree is that it requests a phone number during the sign up process, which defeats the purpose of using the service. However, you can use a temporary number from any of the other sites in the list.


Twilio has a trial account that offers a private phone number for free. However, you will need to provide your phone number to receive a verification code, which is ironic. As with Textfree, you can use a temporary number from another website. Keep in mind that the private number offered in the trial account can be used to receive texts, but not to send them.


TextNow offers a convenient and free private phone number that you can use to receive SMS securely. You will need to sign up using your email address or Facebook account, but once you do, you will be able to have your own phone number to text and also call online for free.


While the website is basic and the free option only supports one phone number in Estonia for those who want to read SMS texts messages online, Sellaite offers an additional paid solution that is worth a look. SMSTRONIC is a service that gives you the possibility of sending SMS messages to multiple recipients and you can even schedule messages to be sent. In order to use this option, you will need to register and the prices start at €1.80 for 10 messages.

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