Bill Gates supports FBI efforts in Apple case

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In the recent war of words between Apple and FBI has attracted a lot of criticism and support for both the parties. The CEO of Apple Tim Cook has claimed that FBI is asking for a backdoor enter to nullify the encryption which will be the biggest disaster for the privacy and security of all the users.

In his open letter, he claimed that if they are going to build something to break the encryption once, the security agencies can use the backdoor entry in a large number of cases in future, and this may become a big problem for everyone.

A lot of influential people including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Google’s Sundar Pichai have extended their support for the step taken by Apple by opposing the request from FBI. The step was also supported by a lot of experts on the internet, but some have also raised voice against the step as according to them, Apple is coming in the way of Judiciary Process.

Now, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft have extended his support in favor of FBI. He openly came out against Apple’s statement and said that FBI is asking for the information in only one case. There is no reason to back out from the Judiciary process and help the authorities to get justice.

Broadside Hits

He said that Apple is crying for no reason and claiming that FBI will ask for the backdoor entry in future based on this case is just immature on the Apple’s part. It is just like refusing to cut the ribbon once as you may be asked to cut it, again and again, he added.

Apple has been accused of using this case as a marketing strategy, and some of the experts are claiming that Apple is using this case to ensure customers that it “cares” about their privacy.

To such claims, Apple has issued a statement in which it was clearly mentioned that the main purpose of the company is to ensure safety and privacy to its customers. There are no hidden agendas and strategies involved, and the only thing they care about are their clients.

Until recently, the company has provided support to law enforcement officials in a number of cases. Different officials have approached apple more than 3000 times in 2015 to ask for support in getting data from Apple’s devices.

This is the first time Apple has opposed a request from any law enforcement agency and claimed that the grounds of opposing are quite simple and clear. In order to ensure the privacy of the customers, they cannot build a program that can give a backdoor access to its OS.

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