Canadian Petition Against Mass Government Spying


New revelations of the Canadian government allowing for law enforcement agencies to collect private subscriber information once every 27 seconds has shocked Canada and rang an alarm. It is clear for everyone to see how privacy can be at risk in any democratic country these days. The subscriber data requested to telecom providers was done without any legal court procedure or warrant, and this went on for years.

It is now believed the rate of information requests has most probably passed once every 27 seconds. The report by the Canadian Privacy Commissioner is nothing short of a scandal. The amount of information collected by the enforcement agencies was done without warrant and at such a high rate that it is believed that 1 out of 34 Canadians have had private information collected from telecom service providers directly into the hands of various police and law departments across the country.

As we discussed on our first news article about the spying revelations, the Harper government is also attempting to push through Bill C-13 to effectively make government and telecommunication industries to be free of any civil and criminal liabilities regarding the sharing of the public’s private data.

This is not a small problem. The government has been spying on the public for years now and the cost to tax payers runs in the multiple millions every year. Just as bad, telecom companies are charging for the requests to be able to upkeep as oppose to face the requests with adversity and protecting civil laws and liberties.

Demand for your online privacy to be re-instated and respected.

Renee Biana

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