Chrome Extension Warns If Website Is Vulnerable To Heartbleed – Chromebleed

We just recently suggested Google Chrome as a top contender for a web browser choice, on our Internet Explorer security patch article. Now there is even more reason to do so. Chromebleed is an app extension that warns you as soon as you visit a website that may still be vulnerable to the Hearthbleed SSL bug.


We had covered how you could manually verify each site one by one using Filippo Valsorda’s online website checker tool, now that’s no longer needed. Chromebleed itself, operates using the same online checker tool website as well, but in real-time as you browse online. Although all the major websites have patched the problem, but smaller sites risk still having vulnerable servers.

If you are already using Chrome, you can add the extension on the Chrome Web Store here. Once added, if you visit a site that may still be vulnerable, a small popup will appear to advise you. Although in the past, the tool was criticized for providing false positives, it has since been improved and is much more accurate.

If you happen to get the alert, we advise not to assume it being safe. If the site requires a login of any sort or require personal details, you should not use any function and attempt to contact support and wait until it is patched. Once it no longer reports being vulnerable, you may finally login to your account, and change your password right away.

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