Free CyberGhost VPN service for Turkey and 2 years for price of 1 for all


Lately Turkish government have been increasingly censoring the internet for Turks. Legal amendments recently made in Turkey bring forth evidence that more censorship is in the talks, putting the freedom of Turkish residents at risk. Use of VPN service has grown exponentially in the last 9 months and remains the best way to have unrestricted access to all websites and services.

Romanian VPN service provider Cyberghost comes to the rescue offering 10, 000 free VPN accounts to Turkish residents. A special package was put together to help Turkey gain access to social media networks in support of freedom of speed for all and communication with family and loved ones.

The package offers secured 256-bit encrypted server access in Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and the US, along with unmetered bandwidth and unlimited traffic. It is limited to one device, although that’s still very generous on GyberGhost’s part.

If you are not in Turkey and are still interested in CyberGhost’s service, it is worth mentioning that they have recently expanded in Asia and remain one of the best services available in Europe. We highly suggest you check out our in-depth review here.

Along with 4 new Asian servers located in Singapore, they are offering 2 years for the price of 1 until March 28th!  Check below for the offer or click here to visit CyberGhost VPN.

singapore_campaign_en_usdYou can also check out our own article dealing with VPNs best fit for Turkey.

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