Get Permanent Free US Mobile Number from Any Country

Looking for a US number for free to use whenever you are outside the country? This article will help you learn how to get a free US number with a country code +1 and get to use it for outbound and inbound calls and text messages. Here are some apps you could check:

1. TextPlus App

  1. – Download TextPlus App. This app is available on iOS and Android.
  2. – Once download is done, you will need to open the app and register.
  3. – To register, you will need to provide your email address.
  4. – Import your contacts.
  5. – Go to settings
  6. – Click Get a Free TextPlus number- the app will automatically generate a free US mobile number
  7. – Select the state and area code of your choice
  8. – Click continue and you are all set.

After following the steps above, you could now use your free US mobile number for outgoing and receiving calls and text messages. You could also use this for mobile number verification purposes like for Google Voice, Gmail, banks and many more. It also comes with other cool features like call back text and whenever you ran out of credits, you will be able to send a free call back text message to the person you wish to call. Furthermore, you will also be able to send an auto draft text message through this app.

2. SendHub- Business SMS

SendHub is another option for those who loves to send bulk messages. This feature of SendHub makes it perfect for business. However, to use this app, you will need to provide US or Canadian mobile number for verification. If you wish to use this app, you will need to download TextPlus App or GoHeyWire app first.

3. GoHeyWire App

This app is another application which you could use for you to get a Free US mobile number. Through it, you will be able to use a real US number for texting. Unfortunately, this app is free only if you communicate with others who has US or Canadian mobile number. Though that is the case, you will also be able to send instant voice messages and it works even you have slow WiFi.

Furthermore, GoHeyWire also allows you to post instant voice messages on Twitter and has an auto reply features.

4. Google Voice Number

Though Google voice is not available worldwide. This could be remedied through GoHeyWire and TextPlus. Once you were verified through your US number, you could now use Google voice. Google voice lets you receive and make important calls through Hangouts. Hangouts could make free international voice calls through the use of the internet.


We hope that through this article, we were able to help you get a US mobile number for free which you could use for personal or business. So what are you waiting for? Check, try and explore the apps mentioned above and let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to leave a comment

Renee Biana

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