Hacker hacked elections in 9 Latin American countries

Latin America In Trouble

A revelation that a hacker has been responsible for most of the election results that have been put forward in nine Latin countries is chilling.

Hacker hacked elections in 9 Latin American countries

The news comes as a shock to the countries involved which include Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Honduras. The hacker of Colombian origin and named Andres Sepulveda hacked the voting machines in return for large sums of money. He was mostly supposed to let the right wing candidates win the elections.

Sepulveda, who reportedly rigged the Mexican elections to allow the current president, Enrique Pena Nieto, to win the election by a huge margin and thus become the president of Mexico. Bloomberg Business article reported his supposed story last week, which led the Mexican governed to come out and refute that there had been any foul play during the elections including spying on rivals. Sepulveda, who is now in jail in Colombia, said during the interview that he was involved in the ‘whole dark side of politics that nobody knows but everyone can see.’

Andres Sepulveda is a known hacker, who started his hacking career with some strange targets in 2015, and quickly changed the order by going to the political side of the Latin American countries. For a bill of $12,000 per month and sometimes, even more, he started targeting the elections in Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, and Venezuela. He was involved in the smear, hacking and spying on left-wing rivals.

Illegal History

According to the report, his first hacking job was the re-election of the former right-wing Colombian President, Alfaro Uribe, in the lead up to the 2006 election which Uribe apparently won. Sepulveda is believed to have hacked rivals campaign and website database. His next mission was the Honduras election where he played a pivotal role in the Honduras National President Porfirio Lobo campaign. In 2011 and 2012 he worked against the socialist president Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, and he worked for the President of Venezuela at that time, Hugo Chavez.

Reports indicate that in 2012, Sepulveda managed to manipulate the social media platforms which were linked to the Mexican election. He managed to spy and hack which thus allowed the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to win the presidential election. He received $600,000 payment for his activities at the time.

Andres Sepulveda has been jailed for ten years for his exploits and actions manipulations of the elections in the nine Latin countries. He was prosecuted in Colombia, his home country and his list of crimes include espionage and attempting to manipulate the Colombian general elections of 2014.

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