Hackers targeted Rio Olympic website adding to the pre-existing misery of security

Hackers broke into Olympic broadcasting service’s corporate website . As a result Manchester city’s win over Steaua Bucharest was viewed by just 216,000 audiences on BT Sport.

Hackers targeted Rio Olympic website adding to the pre-existing misery of securityThe threat of security looming on the troubled Rio Olympics now include concern over the possible cyber-attack after hackers attacked the corporate website of the Olympic broadcasting service. The company is the host broadcaster and biggest employers at the Rio Olympics; now they are worried about how much sensitive information could have been stolen.

Later, the incidence the director of the OBS Dalmacio Tola stated in an email

“At the moment we do not know the magnitude of the data leakage. Until the investigation finds out how this has happened the website will remain offline.”

Further, Tola also warned about possible phishing emails and not to pay any attention towards them even if they seem to be coming from an address known to you. Do not provide any information to anyone via phone. He said: “we have found out how hacking took place, and they have put in place extra security measures.” Further, he said no private information was at risk, but there were still certain concerns.

In the meantime, it has surfaced that a Team GB athlete was attacked after coming out of a taxi near the athletes’ village. Fortunately, no guns and knives were involved, but it sure has made it clear that taxi is not a safe way for travel during night time. The athlete wishes to remain anonymous but the British Olympic Association said in a statement that ‘the concerned individual is safe and well.’

It seems like Rio Olympic is meeting with the same fate as the Beijing Olympic because of the lack of transparency.

It is also worth mentioning that more than 300,000 tickets that were given away to schoolchildren have remained unused. Even worse, the troubled Olympics require a £50million government bail out if they are to continue. Adding to the misery, Rio mayor Eduardo Paes never bought the thousands of tickets that he promised, and 11 percent never showed up who bought the tickets.

Pat Hickery, a top Olympic official who was charged with ticket touting, is under arrest. He was arrested at a hotel where he stayed the previous night for supper. Hickery and wife Sylviane dined at Casa Italia which is reckoned to be the most lavish Olympic facility in Rio.

In the meantime, the International Olympic Committee will be looking into the matter of revamping their authorized ticket reselling process. It is in consequence of the nearly 1000 misplaced tickets at the hands of Hickery, which ended up being sold by Marcus Exans who owns THG.

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