How to fix Kodi buffering issues

Buffering is one of the most frustrating issues that you may face when you are trying to watch movies online. Imagine being in the best part and that the movie suddenly stops due to buffering problems. Thankfully, there is a way to address these issues and enjoy movies, TV shows and other content without interruptions. In this article, you will find the best solutions that will allow you to enjoy a smooth experience while streaming content on Kodi. Some of the fixes that we’ll present require you to install third-party Kodi add-ons and in order to protect your privacy and keep your connection secure, it is advisable that you get a VPN. Without further ado, here are the best ways to solve buffering issues on Kodi.

Method 1 – Use Merlin Wizard

Merlin Wizard is an add-on that focuses on Kodi maintenance and it allows you to clear Kodi cache, remove thumbnails and get rid of packages. Once you have installed this wizard, you will notice a significant difference in terms of buffering. Here is how you can install Merlin Wizard to prevent Kodi from buffering:

  1. Launch Kodi on your device and select Settings (the Gear icon) on the top menu. You will see a wide selection of options and you need to click on File Manager. Scroll down and click twice on Add Source.
  2. You will see a box where you have to click on None. The space will now be blank and you have to enter the Super Repo URL, which is http://srp.nu/ then click OK and type the name of the repository, in this case, Super Repo. Click OK and close the box if needed.
  3. Go back to Kodi Home Screen, pressing the Backspace key on the keyboard several times. Then click Add-ons and tap the Box icon on the top menu.
  4. You will see a small list of options. You need to click on Install from Zip file and the scroll down to click on Super Repo. Then click on Krypton and select repositories, SuperRepo. Click on superrepo.kodi.krypton.repositories-0.7.04.zip and allow some time for the installation to be completed.
  5. After the installation is completed, select Install from Repository and scroll down to locate Super Repo Repositories [Krypton] [V7] and go to Add-on Repository. Select SuperRepo All [Krypton] [V7] and press Install.
  6. Click Backspace Key twice to go back two steps. Then click on Install from Repository again and select a new option called SuperRepo All [Krypton] [V7] then select Program Add-ons and click on Merlin Wizard, press Install.
  7. Clear cache, return to Kodi Home Screen and then click on Add-ons. Select Program Add-ons and then Merlin Wizard.
  8. After opening Merlin Wizard, go to Tool Box in the top menu bar and click on Clear Cache, Delete Thumbnails or Delete Packages.

Method 2 – Tune Cache Settings with Ares Repo

Ares Repo is one of the most recognized repositories for Kodi. It has an Ares Wizard that includes many popular Kodi add-ons that are updated on a weekly basis. One of the highlights of this Kodi maintenance tool is the option to clear the Kodi cache. Here are the steps that you can follow to clear cache on Kodi with Ares.

  1. Open Kodi Krypton and go to Settings, select File Manager and at the end of the list on your left-side click twice on Add Source.
  2. When you click on Add Source, you will see a box where you can click on None, then enter the Ares Repo URL: http://areswizard.uk/ then click OK and type Media Source Name Ares Repo. Click OK to close the box.
  3. Press the Backspace key several times on your keyboard to return to Kodi Main Menu, then select Add-ons menu and click the Package Install icon on the top left side.
  4. New option will be displayed and you need to click on Install from Zip File, then locate Ares Repo in the list and click on it. Click on repository.aresproject-0.1.0.zip and allow some time for the installation to be completed.
  5. Select Install from Repository, then find Ares Project from the list and click on it. Then you can go to Program Add-ons and select Ares Wizard, then Install.
  6. Once it is installed, go to Kodi Main Menu, click Add-ons, then Program Add-ons and then Ares Wizard.
  7. Once Ares Wizard open, click on the option that says Tweaks on the menu above and go to Advanced Settings Wizard option, select Next.
  8. Click on Generate Settings, the settings that you get are recommended by Ares Wizard for enhanced buffering. Then you can click on Apply These Settings, exit Ares Wizard and restart Kodi with fast buffering.

Method 3 – Stop Kodi Buffering in Covenant and Exodus

Covenant and Exodus are also very popular Kodi add-ons and in order to get the bets experience with them, it is important to find out how to clear cache on Kodi from them. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Install Covenant and Exodus Kodi. You can get them from Kodil Repo. Once they are installed, go to Kodi Home, select Add-ons menu, then go to Video Add-ons and then to Covenant.
  2. Scroll down and click on Tools, then scroll down once more to click on Covenant: Clear Cache. The Cache on Kodi will be cleared.

Method 4 – Stop Kodi Buffering with Real-Debrid

Real-Debrid is a web-player that allows you to stream videos and audios at optimal speed. The downside is that a premium account is required. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Real Debrid Kodi website https://real-debrid.com/ and register. You can get a free trial version. Then log in to your account.
  2. Open Kodi and go to Settings, then System Settings and on the bottom left-side menu you will see a gear-shaped icon. Click on it and change it to Expert.
  3. Click on Add-ons on the same menu and select Manage Dependencies on the right side. Then select URL Resolver and click on Configure
  4. You will see a box on the screen. Click on Universal Resolvers. Then a different set of options will appear on the right side of the screen. Scroll down to Real-Debrid section.
  5. Change Priority from 100 to 90, click Done and then close the box by clicking OK.
  6. Click on Configure option, select Universal resolver option and then browse to Real-Debrid section. Select (Re) Authorize My Account option from the list.
  7. You will see a box that will give you a Code and a Link to its Real Debrid Device website for instance https://real-debrid.com/device then open the link and you will be asked for the code. Paste it and click Continue.
  8. Then you need to insert your Username and Password for Real-Debrid, then browse anything on Kodi and notice how fast your downloads are now.

Method 5 – Stop Kodi Buffering with a code

Although the following process can be complex and a bit technical, we have tried to simplify it. Here is how you can stop Kodi buffering with a code.

1. Open a notepad file, then copy and paste this code:





2. Save the file as advancedsettings.xml on your desktop or the location you prefer.

3. Click on Windows Search option in the task bar, type this: %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata >
You will see a file. Click on it.

4. Drop the notepad file on this folder and try to use Kodi. You should notice that the Kodi buffering issues have decreased significantly.

How to avoid ISP throttling with a VPN

ISPs may implement throttling to tackle streaming and downloading in some cases. This could affect your experience with Kodi. It is also worth noting that while Kodi itself is legal, some of the content that you can get through certain add-ons, may be pirated. This is why it is important that you are careful with the options you access. Using a VPN with Kodi will allow you to prevent your ISP from seeing what content you access, which can help you to avoid throttling. In addition, a VPN allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and will keep your traffic private.

What may cause Kodi buffering issues?

There are different reasons why you may experience buffering issues on Kodi. These may be due to network connectivity problems, slow internet speed and cache settings that are not suitable to your device, for instance. In addition, it is possible that the Kodi memory is exploited by Thumbnail images, that it contains cache or that your ISP is throttling your connection, as previously mentioned. If many people are accessing the same links, you may also experience buffering issues. The issue may also be caused by limited bandwidth.

What speed do you need to stream Kodi?

In order to get the best experience with Kodi, you need at least a 5 Mbps internet connection. If you have an even faster internet connection, you are less likely to experience buffering issues. If you want to enjoy the best streaming experience, it is a good idea to invest on fast and reliable internet service. In addition, in order to stream content securely and without issues, a good VPN is required. Although VPNs tend to slow down your connection due to the encryption applied, options like ExpressVPN have manged to combine speed and security effectively.

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