How to Install PIA on Kodi

With Private Internet Access, you will be able to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. It comes with about 3,341 servers located all over the world. With this VPN service provider, you will be able to connect to Kodi and stress about 1,000 live TV channels.

Through this article, you will learn how to install Private Internet Access on Kodi in two ways. The first way is through PIA app and let kodi run on the background. By doing this, your IP address will change inside Kodi. The second way is by installing PIA through an OpenVPN Manager add on. The add on will have an OpenVPN protocol installed. All you have to do is to enter your PIA login details.

How to Install PIA on Kodi via Dedicated App

  1. Subscribe to Private Internet Access
  2. Download PIA
  3. Install it on your device
  4. Provide your login details
  5. Choose your preferred location of server
  6. Wait and leave Private Internet Access open on the background
  7. Start your Kodi app
  8. Watch your favorite shows on Kodi

Take note that you will need to set up PIA while kodi is not running on the background.

How to Install PIA on Kodi

  1. Download Zomboided repository zip files on your device
  2. Start Kodi
  3. Click Add on
  4. Click on the installer icon found on the top left portion
  5. Click “install from zip file”
  6. Look for the location on your device where you downloaded the Zomboided Repository zip.
  7. Open it
  8. Click on install from repository
  9. Navigate install from repository > Zomboided Add-on Repository > Services > VPN Manager for OpenVPN > Install
  10. Return to main Jodi home screen
  11. Choose Program Add-ons > Settings

How to Use Private Internet Access Kodi

  1. Navigate VPN Configuration screen from VPN Manager > Settings
  2. Provide your login details including your username and password
  3. Click VPN connection tab found on the left portion
  4. Select First VPN connection
  5. Once the client has authenticated your credentials, click your preferred server

How to Disconnect or logout from PIA on Kodi

  1. Go to the main screen of VPN manager
  2. Select Change or Disconnect VPN Connection
  3. Select Disconnect

How to Switch Servers on PIA

  1. Go to OpenVPN manager > Change or disconnect VPN connection
  2. Select server that will spoof your location

How does PIA Circumvent Geo-restrictions?

PIA could bypass geo-restrictions which allows its users to watch restricted streaming channels like HBO like by changing your IP address to a US IP address. PIA is able to do this as it has about 3,341 servers which could circumvent restrictions.

How PIA Improves Security on Kodi?

Aside from being able to bypass geo-restrictions, PIA could also ensure that your connection is protected and highly secured. This is a great feature that you would truly appreciate as kodi add-ons are susceptible to security problems and having PIA, you will not have to worry.

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