How to install Zem TV add-on in just a few minutes

India and Pakistan produce a large number of movies and TV shows, and with Zem TV Kodi add-on you can watch the best content at home, or when you are on the go. Some of the channels that Zem TV offers are Cartoon Network, Ten Sports, 8XM HD and Zee TV. While Zem TV has experienced some issues in the past, it is still operating and offering access to a lot of content. In this guide, we will tell you how you can install Zem TV Kodi add-on, but given the nature of this add-on, it is important that you consider the risks and implications of using it. Copyright owners are constantly attempting to shut down the add-ons that are providing access to their content, without authorization. If you decide to use Zem TV and similar Kodi add-ons, make sure that you use a VPN to secure your online traffic and avoid monitoring, hacking and other issues that can compromise your privacy. You can check out the best vpn services for kodi .

Zem Kodi Repository

Following the efforts of copyright owners, many repositories have ceased to work and many popular entertainment options are no longer available. However, there is a repository that has managed to stay active and that is Kodi Israel. This repository hosts a great selection of add-ons, including Zem TV.

How to install Zem TV Kodi Addon on Krypton Version 17 or above

1. Open Kodi 17 (Krypton) and click the Gear icon to access the Settings
2. Select File Manager from the configurations list
3. Scroll down on the left column and select Add Source
4. Enter this URL in the relevant box: http://kdil.co/repo and name the media source Kodi Israel. Then press OK.
5. Go back to the main menu and select Add-ons
6. Select the Package symbol on the top left corner of the page
7. Select Install from zip file.zem tv kodi download from the list of options
8. Locate the Kodi Israel media source that you previously added and click on it.
9. Click twice on Kodil.zip to install the repo
10. Allow some time for the Add-om installed notification and then select Install from repository.
11. Select www.kodisrael.co.il repository from the list of repos
12. Scroll down and select Video add-ons
13. Locate the ZemTV.com add-on and click on it
14. Now select “Install” and choose the latest version
15. Allow some time for the Add-on installed notification to appear
16. That is all, now you will be able to access ZemTV.com from your Video add-ons collection and enjoy a great variety of content.

How to install Zem TV Kodi on Jarvis version 16 or below

1. Open the Kodi Jarvis application and go System
2. Click on File Manager from the list of options available
3. Scroll down and select on the Add-Source option
4. Choose None and enter http://kdil.co/repo/
5. The media source should be named Kodi Israel and then you can press OK
6. Go to System, then Settings and Add-ons
7. Choose the install from zip file option and then click on Kodi Israel
8. Allow some time of the repository to be installed
9. Go to the Install from repository menu
10. Look for Zem TV.com in the list of video add-ons of the Kodi Israel Repo
11. Hit the Install button and soon you will be able to start enjoying Zem TV and the content it gives you access to.

How to install Zem TV on Firestick

You can easily install Zem TV on Amazon Firestick is actually very easy and you just need to do is to follow the same process that we previously covered. So just install the kdil.co/repo and then look for ZemTV.com from the Vido add-ons list.

How to fix issues with Zem TV Kodi

You may come across this error due to old repositories. Just clear all the kodi repos that are no longer available. In many cases, Kodi can get try to gather content from them, which will lead to error messages. As an alternative, you can install the Indigo add-on and clear the cache.

How to download Zem TV Kodi via Zip File URL

1. Download the latest ZemTV.com add-on file from https://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/addons.superrepo.org/v7/addons/plugin.video.ZemTV-shani/
2. Open your Kodi application and choose Add-ons
3. Select the Package symbol on the top left corner
4. Choose Install from Zip File to start the process
5. Find the location where you saved your file “plugin.video.ZemTV-shani-6.7.0”.
6. Select the file to start the installation process
7. ZemTV.com should be now available in Video Add-ons

Other add-ons similar to Zem TV

In spite of the Kodi crackdown that has taken place recently, Zem TV has been able to stay operational. The issue is that there is no certainty about what will happen in the future and soon, it may be shut down. This is why it is important to consider some alternatives.


VIKI may be new, but it has already made a name thanks to the variety of content that it offers, not only from India and Pakistan, but also from China and South Korea. It is focused on movies and you can easily browse by date, popularity, or genre.


Asian4HB provides dramas from Asia, and while it doesn’t offer as much content as ZemTV, it is a good option to enjoy TV shows from India, South Korea, China and Pakistan.

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