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How to live stream El Clasico using and a VPN

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are two of the most prominent football teams in the world. When they face each other, fans can usually expect a great match since these clubs have some of the bets players in the world. If the Real Madrid plays against the FC Barcelona, the competition is known as El Clasico or The Classic. The term used to refer only to matches within the Spanish championship, but nowadays, it is used for any match between these two teams. Due to geographical restrictions, it is possible that you may have issues trying to watch the match in your location since many TV channels implement blackouts. Thankfully there is watch El Clasico online, from anywhere in the world. is a subscriptions service that offers legal streaming of live matches. The service is based in the United States and while it mainly offers matches from teams in Latin America, it also shows matches from international clubs including of course, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The service is only available for viewers in the US, but with the help of a VPN, you can defeat the geo-blocks and access One of the channels supported by is beIN, which broadcasts El Clasico and if you use a VPN, you will be able tyo watch it, no matter where you are. offers over 60 channels and the plans start from $34.99 per month. They offer a free trial that lets you test the service for 7 days.

How to unblock to watch El Clasico

When you try to access from outside the US, you will see a message letting you know that the service is not available in your location. The website can identify your IP address and this is how it knows that you are connecting from a country that is not supported. A VPN routes your traffic to an intermediary remote server and if you connect to a server located in the US, your IP address will appear as if you were in that country. You just need to sign up for a VPN, install the application and run it on your device. Then you can connect to a server in the United States and when you go to, the website will only see the US IP address of the VPN, which will give you access to content that is available there.

Although you can also unblock using a Smart DNS, a VPN is better because it does more than just disguising your IP address and location. VPNs also encrypt your online traffic, keeping it safe from prying eyes. Others won’t be able to see what you do online, which means that a VPN is a great privacy and security solution. In addition, a VPN allows you to easily switch server locations and select the best option for your needs. Most VPN services have servers in the United States and once you set up a subscription, you will be able to connect to the server of your choice and bypass the restrictions that prevent you from watching El Clasico and other sports events.

Top VPNs for accessing from outside the United States


ExpressVPN is ideal for streaming content and it has servers in 94 countries, including of course, the United States. ExpressVPN offers high encryption to keep your traffic secure, but without sacrificing speed. In the US, they have servers in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C, Miani, Chicago and other cities. They include Smart DNS as part of their service.

Private Internet Access

PIA offers strong protection and good speeds for a convenient price. Since you have to pay for a subscription, it is likely that you want to save money and PIA allows you to do that by offering low prices for a high quality service. They have over 3,200 servers in 25 countries, including United States. No logs are kept of your online activities and you can stream content seamlessly.


With PureVPN you get access to over 750 servers in 141 countries. You also will benefit from a practical feature that is specifically designed to give you an efficient streaming experience. In the United States, PureVPN has servers in several cities including Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Tampa. It also offers conveniently priced plans. No activity logs are kept so your privacy is also protected.

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