How to Make Your VPN Faster?

One of the most important factors that you will need to consider when choosing a VPN is its speed. Having a fast speed could make a difference whenever you are trying to download huge file or even when you are trying to stream movies or videos. Each and every VPN service provider offers different features. This means, you will need to check if the features of your preferred VPN will meet your expectations. Note that each and every feature could affect performance of the VPN service provider. Do not worry as through this article, we will tackle each part or item that could affect speed and how to make your VPN faster.

Factors that could affect VPN speed

  1. Encryption strength – the strength of a VPN’s encryption feature could affect the speed. The stronger the encryption level, the slower the connect will be. Though this is the case, take note that if you choose or would wish to lower your encryption level, the more vulnerable your connection will be.
  2. Server location – the closer the server to your location, the higher or the faster your speed could be.
  3. Server Crowding – VPN servers usually have limited amount of bandwidth which means, the more users connected to a specific server, the more you will have to share the bandwidth with.
  4. Network Setup – If you connect directly to the modem the speed of your VPN could improve a lot compared to being connected to WiFi.
  5. Routing – choose a newer or a lesser experienced VPN, this could affect your speed as they might not be able to route your traffic as good as the ones who have been in the industry for a very long time. We highly recommend IPVanish or VyprVPN in terms of good routing traffic.
  6. Protocols – protocol is another factor that could affect your connection speed. UDP version of OpenVPN is faster as it does not need to verify information packets. While, the TCP version on the other hand has to verify data packet delivery which means, it is slower than UDP version.
  7. Server Tier – server tier could be slower than others. Hence, those VPN service providers who have top tier servers tend to be able to manage all parts of connection. One example of this is IPVanish.
  8. Usual Connection Speed – The higher your connection speed, the better you could get high numbers with VPN. If you do get higher connection speed this means that your VPN Service provider is compressing your data. This means, you could get false speed ratings sometimes.

Speed Components

There are two parts of speed and they are the following:

  1. Latency – this is measured in milliseconds. This factor is important if you are doing something important online. Examples of this is buying online or playing an online video game.
  2. Throughput – this is usually speed that is expressed in Mbps or megabits per second, MBps or MegaBytes per second and Gbps or Gigabits per second. Hence, if you are using 1 Gbps connection and 5 GB download, more or less, it will take you about an estimate of 40 seconds to download.

How to Get Best Speeds on VPN

  1. Choose a server location that is close to you.
  2. Encryption strength is usually set at 256 MB by default and is not changeable. If you change the encryption strength to something that is lower than the default, this will leave you vulnerable to third party attacks.
  3. Routing – choose a well-established and trusted VPN provider, this will ensure that your access will have a good routing configuration.
  4. Connect directly to your modem or router through a LAN cable.
  5. Choose a server that is the least crowded.
  6. Choose the UDP version of OpenVPN.
  7. Connect with a cable that is faster in speed
  8. Choose a VPN service provider that has the highest tier.


As mentioned above, there are different factors that could affect the speed of a VPN. Some of which you could control and some you cannot. If you are having some problems still after you have made some adjustments to the issues that you could control, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your internet speed. This way, you will have a good fast internet connection at the same time, have high level of protection coming from your fastest VPN.

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