How to play World of Tanks with a VPN

World of Tanks is a popular MMO game created by Wargaming, a company that was originally founded in Belarus and that is currently based in Cyprus. The game focuses on combat vehicles from the mid-20th century and it has millions of fans around the world. The problem is that when you are playing online, you may experience issues like slow speeds, lag and DDoS attacks. This is why it is advisable to use a VPN to disguise your real IP address and enjoy anonymity and security while you are playing World of Tanks. By connecting to a server located near the game server you are connecting to, you will be able to enjoy faster speeds and decreased lag. Since your real IP address is hidden and others can only see the IP address of the VPN server you are using, you will be able to avoid DDoS attacks.

In World of Tanks, you can join a team and play against other teams. You can also play along with your friends in a team and battle opponents from other teams. The game is available for Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, Android and iOS. You can choose tanks from a variety of countries including Japan, United States, Germany and the former U.S.S.R. The selection of tanks available depends on the platform that you are playing on. As you play, your tank earns EXP points and eventually you can upgrade it. You can only have a limited amount of tanks, but you can sell those that you don’t want to use anymore. Just keep in mind that you can only sell a maximum of two tanks per day. There are different classes of tanks including heavyweight, lightweight, artilleries and tank destroyers. Each tank in the classes has a rank that goes between 1 and 10.

Tanks also have different stats, speed, ammunition, speed, size and firepower. Thanks to the upgrading option, you can improve your tanks and get better chances of defeating your enemies. You can get more explosiveness and reduce the piercing power in your shots and this can be achieved by changing the tanks guns or ammunition. It is also possible to obtain equipment that will last on the tank for as long as it is in your possession. The equipment that you can get includes Toolbox, Binocular Telescope, Coated Optics, Camouflage Net, Additional Grousers, Improved Ventilation, Medium-Caliber TankGun Rammer and Medium Spall Liner. Although the equipment may slow down the tank, it can also enhance its power. Just keep in mind that the price and availability of the items vary depending on the country and rank of the tank. There are also consumables, which are items that you buy for every battle. They don’t add weight and give you some advantages. The options include First Aid Kit, Repair Kit, Engine Boost, Adrenaline and Chocolate.

How to use a VPN to play World of Tanks

While there are many VPN services to choose from, we recommend to opt for one of the high quality providers that we will list later on in this article. Once you have selected a VPN and subscribed to it, you can download the client software for your device. When the software is installed and running on your device, you can select a server location. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  1. Select a server location. The best option is to select a location as close as possible to the game server you are playing on. This will help you to reduce ping times and enjoy better performance.
  2. When it comes to protocol, it is advisable that you go for OpenVPN and for playing, it is advisable to go for UDP. While most providers also offer L2TP and PPTP, which may offer faster speeds and convenience, OpenVPN is the best solution for privacy.
  3. Once you have selected your connection settings, you can simply click connect. In general, you will see that the connection turns Green and you also see an option to disconnect. The server location and IP address also show up at the top of the client.

When you are using a VPN, your IP address and location change and as far as others can see, you are connecting from the location of the VPN server that you selected. You can enjoy access to websites and applications that are available in that location. For instance, if apart from playing World of Tanks, you want to watch TV shows or movies on Hulu, you can connect to a server in the United States. You will appear as if you were actually in that country, which will allow you to unlock websites and streaming services that are only available in the United States.

Best VPN for World of Tanks


Speed is very important when it comes to gaming and with a high quality solution like ExpressVPN, you will enjoy optimal speeds and reliability to get the best experience with World of Tanks. Although the prices of their plans are slightly higher than other providers, it is an investment worth making due to the amazing performance of the service and the superb software available. They have servers in 94 countries and offer high encryption to protect your traffic.


This is one of the most powerful solutions for gaming since it supportss advanced features and impressive speeds. In addition, VyprVPN’s unique Chameleon technology will allow you to bypass firewalls and Deep Packet Inspection, thanks to the fact that it keeps VPN traffic disguised. VyprVPN has routes that allow you to enjoy a better experience while playing World of Tanks and other popular games. They manage their own network of servers, which gives you reliable performance and better speeds.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access or simply PIA, is a good and affordable VPN that supports all the necessary features to defeat geographical blocks. It also keeps your IP address concealed thanks to features like Kill Switch, which shuts down the internet connection if the VPN suddenly drops. PIA has over 3200 servers in 25 countries, covering essential locations. PIA is affordable, easy to use, secure and it offers good speeds to enjoy World of Tanks.


IPVanish is one of the most respected providers in the industry thanks to its high quality service. They have servers in over 60 countries and have a no logs policy that helps to ensure that your privacy is protected at all times. With IPVanish you can enjoy amazing speeds since the provider is in charge of its own network of servers, which allows it to have better control over their performance.

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