How to unblock Reddit using a VPN

Reddit is the place to go to when you want to find out more about that topic that obsess you and discuss it with people from around the world. While this online community was founded over a decade ago, its popularity is still strong thanks to the amazing variety of active discussion groups featured. There are many different topics covered in pretty much any category that you can think about. Politics, sports, TV shows, religion, literature and anything else you may be interested in can be found on Reddit. The forum communities in Reddit are known as subreddits and once you join them, you have the chance to participate in the discussions, post links, share information and more. In spite of the popularity of Reddit, the website is not available to everyone. There are some countries that have blocked access to Reddit, but fear not, in this article, we will tell you how you can get around the restrictions to be able to join Reddit, no matter where you are.

Why is Reddit blocked in some locations?

Let’s start by talking about the reasons why Reddit has been blocked in some locations. The fact that Reddit allows the discussion of a varied selection of topics is one of the main appealing of the website. However, it also means that there are certain conversations that can be controversial and in countries where freedom of speech is limited, a platform like Reddit is likely to be targeted. While Reedit may not be currently blocked in these locations, some of the countries that have banned Reddit at some stage include Russia, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt and China.

In addition, it is possible that if you try to access Reddit from your school or work network, you may also experience blocks, even if you live in a country where the internet is not subject to heavy censorship. This is because network administrators may implement restrictions on certain websites and apps that are not work related or that may distract you from your studies. While they do this in order to ensure that you focus on your tasks, not being able to access the content you want while you are on your break, can be a bit frustrating.

Using a VPN to unblock Reddit

Thankfully, it is possible to bypass censorship and network restrictions with a VPN, a technology that allows you to unblock Reddit and any other websites and apps that you want to access. A VPN is a tool that is particularly useful for people who want to reclaim their online freedom and their right to privacy. Apart from allowing you to unblock content from any location, a VPN will also protect your data from hackers, eavesdroppers and anyone who may try to monitor your online activities. When you connect to a VPN, your entire internet traffic is sent through a remote server that assigns you an IP that masks your real IP address.

You can connect to a server in a different country and access content that is not available in your location. By connecting to a VPN server and getting a different IP address, your identity is protected as others won’t be able to trace you. Furthermore, the encryption that a VPN adds to your traffic means that your online activities will remain private because others won’t be able to see what you are doing. Encryption scrambles the data, which makes it unreadable. It is important to keep in mind that while this is the general functionality of a VPN, there are different VPN services available and each of them offers different encryption options and features.

Are VPN services blocked in certain countries using Deep Packet Inspection?

In countries where heavy censorship is applied to the internet, websites like Reddit are often blocked. In most cases, ISPs work along the government (or they are owned by the government) to block content that is considered as illegal or offensive. In order to bypass the restrictions, users rely on VPN services, but the problem is that in some countries, VPNs are being blocked as well. Although preventing the use of a VPN is not a simple task, countries like China are developing the technology and they have the resources needed to block VPNs.

They are using large-scale deep packet inspection or DPI, which is a technique that facilitates large scale online surveillance, control and monitoring. When you connect to the internet in these locations, the packets of data that you send can be intercepted, identified and read by government agencies. If you are using a VPN and your packets are inspected, the government and ISPs will know that a VPN is in use. China and Iran are implementing legislation to prevent the use of VPNs, putting pressure on providers who need to look for ways to get around the restrictions, as well as on users who see this technology as the solution to overcome censorship.

How can you unblock Reddit?

Although many VPNs struggle to bypass deep packet inspection and they are not effective when it comes to unblocking content, there are high quality VPN providers that are capable to defeat the blocks, thanks to the advanced technology that they use. Even if you live in China or Iran, these services can help you to access websites and apps that are blocked. While only a few VPNs have the resources to keep up with the changes that could affect the performance of their services, they offer a reliable solution thanks to their dedicated technology that is designed to overcome VPN blockages. In order to be able to access Reddit and any content that may be blocked in your location, it is important to select an option that works well and that is not affected by blocks.

Best VPN services for unblocking Reddit


TorGuard is one of the most reliable options when it comes to defeat blocks and get access to your favorite websites, even if they are blocked in your location. Thanks to their Stealth servers, they are capable of disguising VPN traffic to make it appear as standard HTTPS traffic, making it pretty much impossible to block. After all, blocking this type of traffic would “break the internet”. TorGuard has servers in over 50 countries.


VyprVPN has its own network of servers, which gives it greater control over the performance and speed of its service. They have servers in over 70 global locations and offer fantastic speeds that will allow you to defeat restrictions effectively. VyprVPN has a unique protocol known as Chameleon, which can disguise VPN traffic to get around Deep Packet Inspection and firewalls. It is another effective solution to access Reddit and other websites that may be blocked in your location.


ExpressVPN is an effective solution to defeat restrictions and get access to content that is blocked in your location. The service is fast and it also applies strong encryption to your traffic to protect it from prying eyes. They have servers in over 90 countries and thanks to their advanced technology and well-established network, they can overcome blocks and help users to defeat restrictions, no matter where they are.

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