Is soap2day safe and legal to use? Not unless you do this

Movies and TV shows are considered as the most popular entertainment that almost everyone enjoys and if you are a movie or TV show fan, then, you must have heard about Soap2day. Soap2day is one of the most popular premium websites. Though that is the case, however, there is probably one important question that you would wish to answer before using soap2day and that is, is soap2day safe and legal to use? 

In this article, we shall provide you useful information and learn the truth behind Soap2day. 

What is Soap2day?

As mentioned earlier, Soap2day is a very popular and famous website which is a platform where you could access movies and TV shows. This streaming platform is for free and it has started back in 2018. 

Soap2day has high traffic. In fact, it has millions of clicks monthly which means this streaming site has a very good reputation. One of the reasons behind this is because it allows its users to stream in HD without any annoying ads. 

Through Soap2day, you will be able to download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies and TV shows for free. You will also be able to stream other content in English. 

Soap2day seem to be too good to be true and unfortunately, this website that millions of viewers enjoy has been shut down due to copyright infringement and violation issues. Though that is the case, you will still be able to access it as you will be redirected to another site, called SoapGate.org.

SoapGate.org is the official website of soap2day and through this site, you will be able to find newly released movies and shows. Moreover, they update their site frequently as well. 

SoapGate.org has different mirror domain available for you to be able to go to their website. However, and unfortunately, Soap2day could be banned in your country. Do not worry as you could still access it by using a VPN. 

Is Soap2Day Safe and Legal?

Soap2Day unfortunately is unsafe. In fact, their website would even warn you whenever you visit it, that the .com has been removed due to policy violations and website behavior. Furthermore, there are times when you would click on a movie or tv show, you could get redirected to another site which could expose you to risks of malicious malware. 

Though that is the case, do not worry as there is still a way for you to be able to access Soap2Day safely and this is through the use of a solid and reliable VPN. Through a VPN, you could be assured that you are protected 360 degrees. We highly recommend paid VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost. Aside from that, you could also opt for good browser extension which would sure block ads as well. 

The next important question that we would need to answer is that is Soap2Day legal? Technically the site does not own any of the content that you would find on the site which means the movies and TV shows that it publishes on its site are considered as pirated content. This means, in most countries, this would be considered as illegal. Each and every country has their own protocols and laws which dictate whether or not the website is considered as illegal and pirated. Though that is the case, using a high quality and reliable VPN would allow you to legally access the mentioned site. 

Soap2day for Streaming Movies and TV Shows

Soap2day offers wide array of different genre of movies and TV shows in different languages. On their site, you will be able to search different shows by applying filtering feature. You could search by genre. Here are some examples:

Action – Apache Junction, Free Guy, Headshot, Phantom Boy, The Art of War

Adventure – My little pony, White water summer, Space Buddies, The great mouse detective, prey.

Animation – Turtles forever, Moonbound, Monster High, Mortal Combat

Comedy – Behind the Mask, the starling, This is the year, Toast, This is the night

There are different other genres such as Horror, Crime, Romance, History, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, Family and many more. 

How to Safely Access Soap2day to stream movies and tv shows

Soap2day has been delisted from Google as it has been considered as illegal due to piracy. Hence, you will notice that you will not find any .com site of Soap2day that is working. Though that is the case, you would still be able to access this site by using a VPN. Through the use of a VPN, you would be able to navigate the site without fear and worry. Moreover, through a VPN, your traffic will be diverted through a tunnel and through a different server which is maintained by a VPN. In fact, a VPN will provide you an IP address which would make it difficult to track your activities by your ISP. 

To safely access Soap2day, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Subscribe to a VPN. We highly recommend NordVPN. 
  • Download and install VPN on the device where you would access Soap2day. 
  • Log into NordVPN
  • Select settings icon
  • Enable CyberSec feature. This will help you prevent ads and malware from damaging your computer
  • Connect to any server such as USA. Find a country where the site is not restricted. 
  • Enter http://soap2day.com/ on your browser 
  • Choose a domain official domain
  • Once you are on the Soap2day website, click on the movie you would like to watch
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will be able to stream the movie. 

What is Soap2day Virus?

In 2018, Soap2day virus started. This is actually a website that allows users to stream movies and TV shows for free. This site is considered as illegal and has heavy ads display which could spread malware on your devices. According to information from SoftwareTested, if you visit this site without caution and proper measures, you could unintentionally expose your data and be susceptible to different threats. The Soap2day Virus could affect your experience and it could also redirect you to random sites whenever you try to search a query. Moreover, this site could also collect your information such as your IP address, location, browsing history and many more. If you have decided to open Soap2day website, we discourage you from clicking any ads and do not forget to use a VPN to protect your IP address. 

How to Get Rid of Soap2day Virus On Your Device?

If your device started to malfunction after you have visited the site, it is possible that your device has been infected with malware. Do not worry as there is a way to get rid of these programs that are related to Soap2day. 

Remove Soap2day virus from Chrome

  • Remove unwanted extensions – click on three dots and more tools -> Extensions
  • Restore changes to your homepage and search engine by clicking on the three dots and select settings. Choose start up and check whether it has been set to anything that is suspicious
  • Click on search engine tab 
  • Select manage search engines
  • Check search engines that you have set to default which you use in Chrome. Remove anything suspicious. 
  • Reset Chrome. Click on the three dots and select settings.
  • Go to advanced option and select restore settings to original defaults. 

Remove Soap2day virus from Windows 

  • Click Start button 
  • Search control panel 
  • Click uninstall a program
  • Find anything suspicious and uninstall them
  • Check recently installed programs and uninstall anything suspicious 
  • Check shortcut target location by right clicking on anything suspicious programs. Select properties. Check the Target URL and if it refers to anything malicious, uninstall them. 
  • Empty your recycle bin. 

Best VPNs for Soap2day


NordVPN is considered as one of the most reliable VPN service providers. It is very secured and it has about 5500 plus servers located all over the world. It has easy to navigate interface and it connects fast as well. NordVPN offers military grade encryption and it does not have DNS/IPv6 leaks which ensures that you are protected from ISP and government surveillance. This VPN is compatible with numerous platforms and devices such as Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. 

NordVPN comes with a competitive price and it is a perfect partner for unblocking geo-blocked content in different platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime and many more. 

This VPN has onion over VPN feature which allows you to be anonymous. It also allows you to use this VPN on 6 different connections per subscription. They also offer 30-day money back guarantee. 


ExpressVPN is considered as one of the best VPN service providers. It offers high encryption features and they are based in British Virgin Islands which means they do not have to adhere to any retention laws. They also offer features such as OpenVPN, L2Tp-IPSec and Ikev2 protocols. They have about 3000 plus servers located in about 94 countries all over the world. They are fast and they allow their users to stream Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and many more. 

ExpressVPN also has a KillSwitch and Split Tunneling. You will also be able to use up to 5 devices simultaneously. It is compatible with devices such as Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows, Linux, chrome extensions, Chromebook, Android TV, Amazon FireStick and Fire TV. 


CyberGhost is considered as one of the toughest VPNs. They have about 2200 plus servers located in about 60 countries worldwide. They offer reliable speed which allows you to be able to stream your favorite movies or shows on Hulu. This VPN has the ability to bypass restrictions which means you will be able to watch your favorite shows on different streaming platforms. 

CyberGhost offers features such as OpenVPN, kill switch, AES 256 encryption and many more. It is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS devices. They offer 7 days free trial and 45 days risk free money back program. They have 24/7 live chat support as well. 

Best Soap2day Alternatives

If you are not comfortable in accessing Soap2day, there are several alternatives which you could try and they are the following:

  • Leonflix
  • BatFlix
  • Afadh
  • Vumoo
  • MyFlixer
  • PutLocker
  • BMovies
  • FMovies


What Language Movies are Available on Soap2day?

There is a huge array collection of Tamil films, web series and Indian dubbed movies. 

What is the Movie Quality on Soap2day?

Soap2day has a huge selection of movies with variety of video qualities. 

Can I watch web series for free on Soap2day?

Yes, everything is free and this include web series. 

Is Soap2day virus free?

Unfortunately, free content comes with ads. Though this is the case, you could use an ad-block like NordVPN.

Can I Still Use Soap2day?

Yes, you could watch any movie or TV show of your preference on Soap2day. We highly recommend that you use VPN to ensure safety and privacy. 


Soap2day is considered as the ultimate movie/tv show entertainer even though it is delisted from Google, there are ways to still be able to access it safely and this is through the use of a reliable VPN.  

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