Major Update for IPVanish

We’ve started up the presses here are VPNpick today because we’ve received some exciting news from IPVanish.  What do we have in store for you today?  Well, we’ve got a major update in infrastructure, some long awaited tweaks for Mac users, and finally, an admirable initiative that reminds us why we became so interested with internet privacy in the first place.  With no further ado, let’s dive into the latest offering from IP Vanish.

IPVanish Update

IPVanish Now Offering 14,000+ Anonymous IP Addresses

The first announcement we have from the folks over at IP Vanish is in regards to a dramatic increase in the number of IP address they offer.  This latest update has seen that number double from 7,000 to 14,000 anonymous IP addresses!  What does this mean for the average user?  It means the game just got that much harder for all of those out there trying to censor the internet or limit your connectivity!

We’re excited to announce that we have doubled our number of anonymous IP addresses from 7,000+ IPs to 14,000+ IPs! This upgrade, which comes at no additional cost to new and existing subscribers, gives IPVanish customers double the IP space for protecting their online anonymity and ensuring anonymous Internet access. Now at 14,000+ IP addresses on 110+ VPN servers in 47 countries, IPVanish users truly have a global online security network at their fingertips, for the best price anywhere.

New Update for Mac Client

The next tidbit that came to our attention was a minor update to the Mac OS client.

The IPVanish team is working 24×7 to continuously bring new updates and
features that benefit their global VPN subscribers. Today we’re excited
to announce that IPVanish released v1.3.6 of their Mac OS X client, which
is designed to even better increase client load speeds:

• Reduced CPU overhead and bandwidth at startup by integrating flag
assets into the application
• Fixed OpenVPN DNS Entries Not Being Cleared in Certain Scenarios

What does the above mean for Mac Users?  Well, the first point is a minor change to the Mac OS client whose net result is a negligible decrease in startup time for the application.  The second point is a little more significant as we’ve had a couple of users complaining that they were getting DNS errors in certain cases.  While we were initially told these were isolated issues it seems the dev felt it was impacting enough users to address in the current update.

 Internet Censorship in Turkey – IPVanish to the Rescue!

Finally, we have some good news for all Turkish users out there.  As many of you know, Turkey recently passed some strict censorship laws through an act of parliament effectively limiting the internet to whatever Turkish Telecommunications officials deem to be acceptable.  These measures further require all Internet providers to keep records on their users for a minimum of two years and to supply said information to authorities upon request.  IPVanish is among the first to push back on these measures and have recently set up a Turkish language website and provide links to other various Turkish resources for those of you who believe, as we do, in a free internet for all!  See the press release from IPVanish below.

On February 5, 2014, Turkish Parliament approved the following censorship measures:

The Turkish telecommunications authority (TIB) can block any website without permission from a court.

All Internet providers are required to keep records on their users’ activities for two years and to make the records available to authorities upon request.

This is harrowing news for the citizens of Turkey; despite years of protesting and requests from the EU to reform their laws to improve freedom of expression the country has still decided to take the route of censorship.

IPVanish VPN believes in the right of Internet privacy which is why our team works around the clock to provide the best online identity and data protection tool in the world. Our current offering of global server locations, our custom VPN software and our dedicated support staff available 24-7, 365 days a year demonstrates our commitment to excellence in the Internet security space.

Today, we are excited to introduce a new IPVanish website translated completely in Turkish.  If Turkish is your native language we invite you to visit our Turkish version of Why VPN – VPN Nedir? to find out what a VPN is, how it works, and all of the benefits it provides including putting you in control of your IP address.

Check out additional Turkish resources from our valued partner providing invaluable online security and protection information.

Well there you have it folks.  Have these recent updates convinced you to give IP Vanish a go?  Personally, we always look favorably on those willing to champion the cause of privacy.  If you’re still on the fence about which provider to use head over to our review section and check out the new updated top 10 which reflects this latest updates.

From your friends at VPNPick, be safe, be anonymous, and as always; happy browsing!

Renee Biana

VPN Pick brings you all the latest vpn news, reviews and discounts.

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