NordVPN vs IPVanish Comparison, Tests and Results

IPVanish is one of the most attractive VPN options that offers its subscribers to connect numerous devices simultaneously with just one account. Aside from that, IPVanish also has good multi-platform support. Furthermore, this VPN service provider has fast connection speed which is perfect for BitTorrent users.

NordVPN on the other hand is another VPN service provider that is very reliable, trustworthy and comes with good subscription price plans. They also have top-notch global server access and has top notch privacy and security features that you would truly appreciate.

How to Choose a VPN?

Through this article, we shall go head to head comparison between IPVanish and NordVPN. We shall cover important and essential features that are should be considered before one could make a sound decision. We shall review each category and will let you know why one is better than the other. We hope that at the end of this article, you will be able to make a sound decision in choosing the best VPN that would suit your needs.

Connect Speed

Wherever you go, having an internet connection is important. You would need internet always for your phone, your smart appliances and your tablet and one important condition is speed. Hence, to test this category, we have used Speedtest.net.

Considerations before testing

  • When testing the download speed of a VPN, we have used a gigabit Ethernet connection
  • We tested three different locations- Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States
  • We used Windows version
  • We calculated the average connection speeds

Average Connection Speed

IPVanish offers fast connection speed. In fact, their average download speed is at 62.15 Mbps. This means, it could play 4K streaming and at the same time, we could assure you that you could play online games without any problems of getting dropped off the game.

NordVPN on the other hand is a bit slower with its average download speed. Though that is the case, it could handle most online activities such as HD video streaming.

Take note that when considering connection speed your mileage may vary which means your download speeds may also vary.

  • IPVanish average download speed = 62.15 Mbps
  • NordVPN average download speed= 17.90 Mbps


Upon checking this category, both VPN service providers fall in the middle average VPN prices.

NordVPN has annual subscription plans that could be compared to a small combo meal. Their month to month plan will run as same as a sit down dinner meal in a restaurant. This VPN service provider offers 30-days money back guarantee.

IPVanish on the other hand costs a bit lesser than NordVPN and their monthly plan is cheaper as well. They also offer 7-days money back guarantee.

Privacy Features

Connecting to the internet gives you risk of being tracked by third parties and your ISP also has the ability to sell your browsing history to advertisers. Hackers as well has the ability to get your banking information. Hence, it is important that you get a VPN service provider that will be able to give you the upmost protection from the mentioned risks. To weigh VPN’s privacy and security protection, you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they based and located in a privacy friendly country?
  • Do they accept Bitcoin or other private payment methods?
  • Do they keep logs of those who connect to their services?

NordVPN is based in Panama which means they are in a country that has less data retention regulations. Aside from that they implement a strict no logs policy and they accept different types of cryptocurrencies as payment method.

IPVanish on the other hand is based on a less privacy-friendly location- United States. This means, they will need to adhere to US online privacy and data retention laws. Though this is the case, this VPN service provider also maintains and implements no logs policies. In case of payment methods, unfortunately, they do not accept Bitcoins or any cryptocurrencies.


Aside from performance, one of the most important things that you would need to consider when choosing a VPN is its features. Hence, in this section, we shall focus on the services and multiple features that both VPNs offer.


NordVPN offers a military grade AES-256 encryption. Aside from that, they have protocols that will ensure that your connection has another layer of protection. They come with OpenVPN features with IKEv2, TCP/UDP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and PPTP. They also have advertisement and malware blocking and IPv6 and DNS leak protection. Furthermore, they also offer a double VPN and obfuscated servers and lastly, they also have a kill switch that will protect you in case your VPN connection suddenly drops.

IPVaninsh on the other hand comes with AES-256 encryption, OpenVPN with L2TP/IPSec, TCP/UDP and IKEv2 protocols. They also have a kill switch and DNS and IPv6 leak prevention.

Number of Simultaneous Connected Devices

IPVanish allows up to maximum of 10 devices connected simultaneously. NordVPN on the other hand only allows up to 6 devices.


NordVPN has reliable ability to provide access to numerous streaming services including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, BBC iPlayer, SKyGo and many more.

IPVanish on the other hand does not have reliable ability to offer access to streaming services. This means, it is a hit or miss type of access.

BitTorrent Support

P2P or peer to peer is one of the most popular online activities. Hence, it is important that your VPN service provider has the ability to allow you to torrent.

IPVanish- allows you to torrent using all their services

NordVPN on the other hand also allows P2P file sharing on all their servers but they will route your connection to Canada or Netherlands.

Global Server Coverage

Global Server Coverage is one of the most important factors that you would need to consider as it would provide you more flexibility in unblocking geographical restrictions or content.

  • NordVPN has about 5,600 plus servers located in about 60 countries.
  • IPVanish on the other hand has about 1,300 servers in about 50 plus countries.

Multi-Platform Support

NordVPN is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android TV
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • DD-WRT and Tomato flash routers

They also have browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

IPVanish is compatible with the following:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Chrome OS
  • Android
  • Amazon FireTV

Unfortunately, they do not have any browser extensions.

Customer Support

IPVanish offers support through online trouble ticket. They also have a searchable support library. Furthermore, they have a system status page as well. They also have a support bot which will help you solve all the issues through their chat window. If you are not satisfied with their answers, they will connect you to a support agent.

NordVPN has email support, live support chat and searchable support library.


Upon considering all the categories, we have mentioned above, we could say that NordVPN is better in terms of streaming support, privacy, global server coverage and multi-platform support. IPVanish on the other hand won connection speed, number of devices you could connect simultaneously and pricing categories. All in all, however, we could say that NordVPN takes the win.

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