NordVPN Won’t Connect: How to Fix?

NordVPN is one of the most popular and most reputable VPNs in the industry. Though they are well-known for their impressive performance, services and features, there are also instances that some users have to deal with some issues. Fortunately, these are easy to solve.

One of the most common issues that some users usually encounter is connectivity problems and to be specific, there are times that NordVPN would not connect on your device- PC, MacOS and/or Android.

Through this article, we will learn how to fix different types of Nord connectivity.

NordVPN Windows 7 Fix

One of the most popular, common fix that everybody would do at first when they are experiencing some issue/s is to restart or disconnect/connect to the device. However, if you have tried this and it did not work, you could try the tips and tricks below:

  • Try to connect to the same network with another device. This way, you will know and locate where the problem is, whether it’s your device or your connection.
  • Try to change the server location you are connected to. There is a possibility that the server you are connected to is out of order.
  • Uninstall the application, reboot your device and reinstall. Check if you could connect to the network.
  • If you are using a PC, try to disable your firewall or your antivirus. There are times that these protocols interfere with VPNs.
  • Login and log out of your account. Try to reconnect and change if there is a change.
  • Switch from TCP to UDP. As mentioned above, protocols could affect your connection.

As for those who are using Windows 7 and who are not able to connect to NordVPN, here are a few tips:

  • Try changing your password and then log out and log back in. This method will overcome the stuttering of your connectivity. Another reason is that you have changed your password too often which could result to your system to glitch and for the system to not recognize your identity.
  • If logging in and out does not work, as mentioned above, your protocols could be blocking your VPN connection. In this case, IPv6 could be the reason why you could not connect to NordVPN.
  • If you have turned off your IPv6 and you could still not connect, it could be you have not installed the VPN correctly or you have wrong settings. If this is the case, you could try the steps below:
  1. Download the installation package of NordVPN
  2. Click install NordVPN
  3. Once done, the application will automatically start
  4. You will need to login information and click login button
  5. Once the main screen appears, you will see a server list and a map. You will also be able to check the settings and access each server feature found on top of the app.
  6. At the bottom, you will see “Quick Connect” button. This will connect you to the most optimal server.
  7. If you would like to connect to a server of a specific country, all you need to do is click on the country pin on the map.
  8. Once you have a successful connection, NordVPN app you will be on your system tray area at the bottom right corner of your screen.

NordVPN Windows 10 fix

Unfortunately, there are some reports that Windows 10 users also have some experiences of not being able to connect to NordVPN. Luckily, the solution is the same as with Windows 7- at least one of them which is to disable IPv6. This should work and you should not experience any errors nor freezing.

If you have disabled your IPv6 and the problem still persists, it would be good if you could check your event viewer to learn what the exact problem is. If you get the same results, your event viewer should record step-by-step process.

You could also look up for some inconsistencies with your network or underlying activities that could interfere with NordVPN.

You could also submit a ticket to NordVPN anytime through their main app. You could also click on the Diagnostics option found on the Advanced Settings section. Then, get the application diagnostic data and submit your ticket ID to NordVPN’s support team. Once done, we could assure you that you will get a reply with a detailed solution quickly.

Another thing that some Windows 10 users are experiencing is that they could not connect to Amazon whenever they are connected to NordVPN. This happens as the browser usually gets

stuck whenever one is establishing a secured connection. It could also that theres a TLS handshake fail error this is due to cipher mismatch. If you encounter this problem, try to connect to Canada server.

NordVPN MacOS Fix

  1. Install OpenVPN app which you will be able to find on their official website
  2. Uninstall the IKE version before you install the new one
  3. Try their obfuscated servers or their TCP protocol.

We have gathered that most likely the Canadian servers work better than the others.

iOS fix

  1. Delete NordVPN app
  2. Restart the device
  3. Reinstall the app

Linux Fix

  1. – Open terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T
  2. – Install OpenVPN by typing sudo apt-get install openvpn
  3. – If you are asked to provide password, insert the one that you have used when you created your account.
  4. – Go to OpenVPN directory with cd/etc/openvpn
  5. – Download OpenVPN configuration files with sudo wget https://downloads.nordcdn.com/configs/archives/servers/ovpn.zip
  6. – Extract config.zip by typing sudo unzip ovpn.zip
  7. – Enter the directory where the server configurations are placed
  8. – For a full list of a server coverage, enter the command, Is-Al
  9. – Choose your preferred server
  10. – Start OpenVPN by typing sudo openvpn (file name)
  11. – Type your credentials when asked
  12. – Connect to NordVPN and if you would like to disconnect, boot up the terminal and simultaneously press Ctrl+C.

When websites are unreachable, you could try the following:

  1. Connect to other servers and check if any of it works with a specific website
  2. Try accessing it with CyberSec feature turned off. Contact the support team and inform them
  3. Switch protocols from TCP to UDP vice-versa
  4. Switch from OpenVPN to IKEv2 vice-versa
  5. Tweak your firewall and/or anti-virus
  6. If you just installed the NordVPN, restart your device. Boot up the system again.


If you are having some connectivity issues with NordVPN, try and check the methods and guide above. We hope that through this article we were able to help you solve the mentioned NordVPN connectivity issue/s.

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