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Best Open Source VPN for 2020

Nowadays it is difficult to maintain privacy especially on the internet where there are numerous huge, powerful companies trying their best to get hold of your data for advertising and other purposes. Luckily, there are still Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which would allow you to browse the internet anonymously.

Though that is the case, however, there is one case wherein one of the most popular VPNs has fallen prey to hackers. This not only complicates the issue but it also makes you lose confidence. Do not be disappointed as there is a solution for everything and one way to solve this issue is through the use of an open source VPN. Take note, however, though open source is much safer that closed source VPNs, open source VPNs are still susceptible to hacking the only difference is that they are less prone compared to closed source VPNs. Aside from that, using an open source VPN you could be assured of your safety as the source code of these type of VPNs is accessible to public. In other words, the VPN service provider is not hiding anything from you. Furthermore, open source VPNs use SSL/TLS protocol for its encryption function.

The only downside of open source VPNs is they could lack additional features such as Double VPN, kill switch, DNS leak protection and many more.

Best Open Source VPNs

1. OpenVPN

OpenVPN is one of the best open source VPNs which we highly recommend. It is perfect for everyday consumers. They even provide Private Tunnel and offers high quality features which are fit not only for personal use but for business use as well.

Through OpenVPN, you could deploy certification, ensure security through encryption and authentication features of OpenSSL library. Furthermore, this VPN service provider also supports DHCP and dynamic IP addresses. This VPN is compatible with Android, Linux, macOS, Windows and iOS.

2. SoftEther VPN

Software Ethernet or more commonly known as SoftEther is not only an open source type of VPN, this VPN service provider is also offered for free. It supports multiple protocols. It comes with fast connection speed and could integrate easily on multiple devices.

SoftEther comes with SSL-VPN protocol which has firewall resistance, fast throughput and low latency. It also supports L2TP, EhterIP, IPSec, L2TPv3, OpenVPN protocols.

3. Libreswan VPN

This VPN service provider is considered as one of the most reliable open source VPNs. It is offered for free and comes with protocols such as IPsec and IKE standards which are maintained by Internet Engineering Task Force or IETF.

For Linux users, this VPN is highly recommended. It uses built-in XFRM IPsec stack or linux-ipsec and NSS crypto. This VPN has been in the industry for over 15 years which means you could depend, rely and trust this open-source VPN.

4. Openswan VPN

Openswan VPN is another highly recommend VPN service provider for Linux users. It comes with IPsec for Linux and it also comes with pre-installed in Linux versions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo and Red Hat.

Furthermore, through this VPN, you could setup IPsec links on your mobile and on your computers as well. This VPN is compatible with IKEv2, NAT Traversal, X.509 Digital Certificates and many more.

5. Freelan

Freelan is perfect for Windows users. Their services are available under client-server, hybrid and peer-to-peer. It could unblock websites, mask IP addresses and encrypt internet traffic. The only downside is Freelan does not have a UI but do not worry as you could integrate it into commercial apps. Aside from that, this VPN service provider offers features such as Ethernet bridging, tunnel networks over NAT, SSL-VPN tunneling and many more.

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