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With technology today, online hacking has become more sophisticated and this makes it easier for hackers to steal passwords and login data and we understand how inconvenient and unsafe this is to everyone. This could lead to money loss especially if your sensitive information and passwords fall into the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, the passwords that usually get stolen are those that are simple and easy to crack. These passwords are usually birthdays, names, favorite pets and the like. Good news is there are now password generators. These password generators are very useful and because of that, we have decided to include five best password generators in this article. We also have tested and analyzed these password generators according to security features, pros and cons and ease of use.

1. Dashlane ( Read Our Review )

A very powerful password management program, Dashlane offers a secured online and in-app password generator. This tool comes with standard password creation tools that allows its users to specify the length and character types for your new log in.

Through Dashlane, you could create between 4 to 40 characters. You could specify if you would like to include numbers, symbols, letters, combination of three and even the strength of your password through interface color such as red for weak, orange for medium and green for strong.

2. NordPass

This password generator allows you to create new passwords online and within the NordPass app. It allows you to generate passwords up to 60 characters long. Aside from that, you could put in uppercase, lowercase, symbols, digits and combination to your password. NordPass also includes a checkbox which allows you to avoid ambiguous characters such as 1 and I which could be confusing.

NordPass offers different plans such as:

  • 1 month for $4.99 per month
  • 1 year for 2.99 per month
  • 2 years for 2.49 per month

They also offer base version of NordPass password manager for free.

3. LastPass (Read Our Review)

LastPass is another great password generator option. It comes with great features and is available on both online and within their app. Through this tool, you could specify what type or sort of password you would like to create. It will ask you the length of the password you would like. They allow up to 50 characters long. You could also choose whether you like to include numbers or special characters or not, easy to read without confusable characters like 1 and l or if you wish it to be all standard characters. You could also specify if you would like to combine uppercase, lowercase, symbols and/or numbers.

LastPass offers their premium version only for $3 per month and families version for $4 per month.

4. KeePass (Read Our Review)

This password management is open source and is offered for free. It comes with built-in password generator. Take note, however that this tool is a bit difficult to set up but it is extremely powerful and useful. It supports a selection of predefined password compositions.

Through KeePass, you could create standard random passwords. You could define its length and composition criteria. Though that is the case, also take note that this tool comes with specific rules when creating or generating passwords.

5. Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator is one of the best. It is designed to create unbreakable passwords and all of its new passwords are created locally on your computer. This only means that your password is not stored online on your program’s servers.

This tool allows you to specify how long your new login would be. You could generate random string up to million characters long. You could also specify if you would like to include uppercase, lowercase, symbols, numbers and combination. Strong Password Generator also comes with a unique QR code which you could transfer to phone or tablet.

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