How to Make Use of PIA Socks5 Proxy

Have you ever tried using a VPN? Why not look into Private Internet Access (PIA)? This VPN service provider has the Socks5 proxy feature. Though this is an amazing feature, many users do not know what it means. Hence, through this article, we will guide you for you to fully understand the purpose of the said feature.

Socks5 Proxy

Socks5 stands for Socket Secure which is an internet protocol which could exchange network data packets from a server to a client. It uses a proxy server through an authentication. It’s also has an OSI level of 5 and could support UDP protocol and IPv6. Furthermore, it could accept SOCKS5 proxy with authentication, use web scraping software which could hide your IP address, use torrents and many more.

Through the use of PIA and its free service of Socks5 proxy, your connection will be kept private and secured. Also, though this feature takes time to set-up and PIA requires you to do extra work for setting it up, it is very useful and very important to activate.

With this Socks5 Proxy feature, you will need, a different username and password. Also, you will have to keep in mind that proxy is not encrypted, hence, it could let others know your login and information easily. So, ensure that you do not use your PIA login on your Socks5 proxy feature.

PIA Socks Proxy Login

Once you get an account or subscribe to Private Internet Access, to get your PIA Socks proxy log in, you need to go to privateinternetaccess.com website and log in. Scroll to the section “PPTP/L2TP/SOCKS Username and Password”, then, go to “Regenerate Username and Password” and click it. Once you have done so, it will create a username and a password combination which will give you an access to a proxy server.

Socks5 Proxy Settings

Below is the basic setting that you would need which will not change:

  • Host: proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com
  • Port #- 1080
  • Proxy Type – SOCKS5
  • Authentication- YES
  • UN/PW – information you generated

Another common use for Socks5 is torrenting. In torrenting it uses data packet, data type and protocol. If you do not use this type of software, then, you could use other programs. Here are other common programs that use this feature:

  • – Vuze
  • – uTorrent
  • – Flud
  • – QBittorrent
  • – Deluge
  • – Tribler
  • – Tixati
  • – BitComet
  • – Boxopus
  • – Bitport.io


Now that you have completed the steps on how to acquire your PIA Socks proxy login, you could now use the Socks5 feature and enjoy torrenting. If you know others who would want to have a private connection and who loves to torrent, share this post to them and recommend them to use PIA, a VPN that is torrent friendly.

Renee Biana

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