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Protecting your online privacy is very important since there are many ways in which your information can be compromised when you connect to the internet. There are many solutions designed to enhance your anonymity and boost the security of your connection and one of them is Proxify. This anonymous proxy service focuses on allowing users to browse the web without exposing their private data. It gives you the possibility of accessing websites, without letting them find out your identity or keep track of what you do online. When you use Proxify, your IP address is hidden and your data is routed through an encrypted connection.

Proxify works on Windows, Mac, Linux and popular browsers like FireFox and Chrome. It promises to keep you anonymous and to protect your online traffic from security threats. You can change your IP address easily and there are many locations to choose from. Although Proxify can be a practical solution to access websites that are blocked in your location, the service is very expensive as it starts from €20 per month for a Basic plan. If you want to ensure that your privacy is protected when you are browsing the internet, there are other services that you can try and in this list, you will find practical alternatives to Proxify.


If you are concerned about online privacy and want a strong level of protection for your data, a VPN would be a better option than a proxy. VPN services use strong encryption to defend your traffic from eavesdroppers and online fraudsters. They also conceal your real IP address, which enhances your anonymity and allows you to access content that has been blocked in your location. One of the best VPN services available is ExpressVPN because it combines great speeds, strong security and impressive software. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online traffic and it is one of the options that is strongly committed to protect your privacy.


Anonymizer is a VPN trusted by many home users and companies around the world thanks to its efficiency, high level of protection and reliable performance. Anonymizer is focused on helping you to keep your online activities private and it doesn’t keep track of what you do when you are connected to the internet. It is a solid solution to enhance the security of your online traffic, specially when you use public Wi-Fi hotspots.


Apart from being a proxy, VTunnel provides SSL encryption, which adds a layer of security to your online traffic. With VTunnel, you will be able to bypass restrictions in your location or network, and get access to a plethora of applications and services including Facebook, Imgur and ICQ. It is also an effective solution to unblock content from YouTube, while keeping your identity protected.



This popular proxy service lets you enjoy internet in a safer and more convenient way and it is very easy to use. You don’t need to install software or configure the service to start getting the benefits that it offers. Megaproxy is a web SSL VPN service that helps you to defeat online restrictions and safeguard your online traffic.


If you are unable to access popular websites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, you can rely on 4everproxy to bypass the restrictions. If your favorite websites are blocked in your country or in your work/school network, you can use 4everproxy to access them. This free proxy is very easy to use and you just need to enter the URL of the site that you want to access in order to get started.

Public Proxy Servers

Public Proxy Servers is a free solution that has been trusted by millions of users for over a decade. This independent proxy checking system is designed to help you to protect your identity and defeat restrictions. The service is easy to use and lets you find proxies that are effective. Their checking engine is considered as the best since it focuses on listing proxies that offer top quality in all aspects.


This is another free option that adds protection to your internet traffic, while allowing you to bypass blocks. You can defeat restrictions and get access to popular websites that are not available in your network due to censorship or geo-blocks. Since your IP address is changed, your true location and identity won’t be exposed. The service has been operating for over 10 years and it aims to provide a list of the best proxy servers available.


XROXY gives you the possibility of accessing an open proxy database that is regularly updated. The service offers a flexible user interface that lets you select the best proxy for your needs based on different aspects. You can see settings like level of anonymity, proxy type, connection latency and more. There is a free trial available but once it expires, you will need to subscribe to the premium service.


If you are using the internet connection at your school or work, it is likely that you come across restrictions when you try to access certain websites. With Proxifier, you can defeat these restrictions and enjoy access to a wide selection of content. It is designed to work with any internet client through a proxy and it can enhance your privacy by changing your IP address. It offers a user-friendly interface and its technology is continuously being updated.


ProxyCap redirects your internet traffic through proxy servers, allowing you to access websites that are blocked in your location. It gives you flexibility to manage your connection since you can let it know the applications that should connect through a proxy and when. The interface is easy to use and you are not required to reconfigure your internet clients. ProxyCap comes with built-in support for SSH protocol so you can select a SSH server as the proxy server.

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