PureVPN Optimizes for Wold Cup 2014 and Offers 65% Lifetime Discount

PureVPN has been a favorite for many years thanks to solid, easy to use service that has reputable security and privacy measures while providing fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. With the Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 just about to kick off, PureVPN has prepared some dedicated servers to cater to all sports broadcasting websites that football fans need to watch every game from any source including their home country broadcasting stations. They offer everything a football fan wants and everything that you didn’t even know you wanted. With unique High Definition buffer streaming and slashed prices for life, if you have not made the jump to using a VPN service, World Cup fan or not, this is a mighty fine time to get online freedom and secure your privacy.

PureVPN – Full Review

To be ready to stream the Wold Cup games, PurVPN has an online schedule list of each match’s broadcasting services all over the world, ensuring you do not miss a second of the action. With the extra dedicated servers in place ready for the huge amount of users will ensure that you won’t have a bad experience. The broadcasting service is easy to use and list of each game and respective broadcasting to pick from. Server stats allow you to quickly find the fastest options and get you connected in one click.


PureVPN has great speeds to start off with, but when it comes to streaming, they have a feature you cannot ignore. PureVPN’s HDX streaming optional paid add-on adds 20Mbps to your streaming connection, no matter how slow your actual internet connection is. The way it works, is that it adds 20Mbps of speed to the stream before it gets to your computer, buffering the stream so that you get 0 lag even on High Definition streams. Now that is a sport’s fan dream! It costs $4.99 per month but does not have a contract, so if you wish to get full High Definition streaming, it’s a small price to pay for this World Cup season.

PureVPN is a great choice overall for anyone looking for a VPN service, but if their features and service was not enough, they are offering a lifetime discount offer for the World Cup. PureVPN is offering a 65% discount for life on the yearly plan! The 1 Month plan gets a 42% discount while the 6 Month plan offers 37% off the original price. Since PureVPN is offering the discount as a lifetime offer, you get to keep renewing at the discounted price for as long as you keep the service. This makes the yearly plan very interesting, knowing that the next year and so on, price will not go up! Check out PureVPN’s current packages;

1 Month – $11.95/Month – 42% Discount = $6.95/Month
6 Months – $72.10 – $12/Month – 37% Discount = $44.95 – $7.46/Month
1 Year – $143.40 – $11.95/Month – 65% Discount = $49.95 – $4.16/Month

With over 300 servers across 44 countries, the new StealthVPN Browsers that allow HDX 20Mbps buffer streaming has catapulted PureVPN into our #1 spot. In our hearts, we love other VPN providers nearly if not equally as much, but with these new services and the fact that you can connect up to 5 simultaneous devices using their software across computers and mobile tablets and phones, the offer becomes extremely difficult to beat. Check out our full review for more information or head to their website and take advantage of the lifetime discount before it’s too late.


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