PureVPN Turns 8 Today: Offers 2 For 1 Deal

Today marks PureVPN’s 8th year of service. Over the past years, PureVPN has been able to become one of the largest providers servicing the VPN community, growing into more than one hundred countries, and  staying on top of all the latest technologies and services to provide a great experience for various applications and uses, while providing some unique features not found elsewhere. If you have never checked them out, and currently looking to signup to a VPN service, you might be pleased to hear that PureVPN is offering 2 years for the price of one for a very limited time.


I don’t expect this offer to be up for very long, but I can highly suggest the service to new users still looking for a global coverage VPN service. Software and apps for all popular platforms are available, and great visual setup guides for a large variety of hardware devices. Beginners can easily follow the setup guides, but also count on a team of service representatives ready to help. Without getting into any of the extra paid features, the main package is all you need to get connected on their vast VPN network.

Up to 5 simultaneous connections can use the service per account, and hundreds of servers handling all the bandwidth in key locations, you can count on good speeds for all your streaming needs. They also provide safe, selected server locations for P2P torrents. Although some of these distant services could result in some speed loss, the security and encryption of your data when downloading or uploading on peer-2-peer platforms, far surpasses the need to completely maximize your speeds. With that said, your own location will be the main variable affecting speeds, therefore it’s very important to test speeds as your first and only step.


The service comes with a strict refund policy that only allows for a limited amount of data to be used. I highly suggest you start by running various speed tests on the server locations you need right after signup. If you can confirm good speeds you’re good to go. If not, make sure to contact PureVPN right away and they will take care of you. With that said, if you’re shopping for a provider right now, I doubt you could find a better deal. For $49.95, 2 years of service comes out to just $2.08 per month, so don’t be afraid to at least test them out!

Renee Biana

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