3Monkey.me Review

Although 3Monkey.me was established in 2013, the team behind this VPN provider based in Switzerland has over 15 years of experience in Internet services and network management. This has enabled them to set up a service that can provide reliable performance, security and good speeds to enjoy the content that you want. Since they know how to manage data efficiently, they can keep the costs of handling their network down in order to offer an affordable solution for their customers. 3Monkey.me is focused on ensuring that your activities can’t be accessed by hackers, spies, your spy or anyone who tries to monitor what you do on the internet.

Privacy and Security

3Monkey.me supports OpenVPn, L2TP and PPTP, which are some of the most popular protocols available. OpenVPN provides the highest level of security and it is advisable that you choose this protocol at all times. However, there may be some cases in which OpenVPN is not an option because it is not supported in your device. When that happens, L2TP is a good alternative and while it is not as secure as OpenVPN, it offers good speed and decent protection. PPTP is available on many platforms, but its generally considered as the weakest protocol. It can give you good speed, but it should only be used when other options are not available and when you are not accessing confidential data. OpenVPN with AES-256 bit is the best option if you need strong protection for your data.

Hear no, speak no, see no evil thing is the slogan of 3Monkey.me as the provider aims to ensure that your privacy is not compromised when you use the service. In order to be true to its commitment to privacy, 3Monkey.com doesn’t monitor, store or record any logs of your data. That means that what you do on the internet, including the websites you visit and your chats won’t be monitored. However, they do keep connection logs including timestaps (server time and date), duration of the connection and the IP address used for the connection. Unfortunately, 3Monkey.me doesn’t accept Bitcoin and it is not clear if P2P is allowed. As such, it may not be the ideal solution for torrenting.


3Moneky.me offers dedicated software for Windows, Mac, Android, Ubuntu and iOS. The fact that it offers clients for such a variety of platforms, ensures that you can enjoy the advantages of the service across multiple devices without any issues. You can easily set up the vpn service, connect to a server of your choice, secure your online traffic and bypass restrictions effectively. The software is easy to use and it will ensure that you can switch between servers easily and whenever needed. Although the software works well, it lacks features liek Kill Switch and DNS leak protection, which can greatly enhance the security of your connection. 3Monkey.me offers dynamic, changeable IP addresses, which are the most effective way to protect your identity and ensure your privacy when you are connected to the internet.

3Monkey.me has over 380 servers in 21 countries including United States, Australia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Korea, Switzerland, Netherlands, Brazil, Hungary, Japan and Denmark. Since they cover a wide selection of regions across the world, you will be able to defeat geo-blocks and enjoy access to a wider selection of online content. In addition, 3Monkey.me doesn’t impose limits on your bandwidth, meaning that you can stream content or enjoy online games without experiencing throttling. Overall, the speeds of the service are satisfactory, although this will depend on the server you connect to and the speed of your internet connection. They support two simultaneous connections.


A free trial is available and it is possible to redeem coupons to get discounts. If you pay for a full year, the price per month is $7.07 and while there are more expensive options out there, this is not as cheap as 3Monkey claims to be. There are other providers that offer a larger network, more features and that allow a higher numbers of simultaneous connections.

Customer Support

The FAQ section on the website provides helpful information about the service, but it doesn’t include a lot of details. Some important aspects such as the encryption method used, and whether or not they allow P2P are missing. If you need to contact them, you can use the online form or send them an email. The support is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM CET and Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM. There is also phone support, which is something that many VPN providers don’t offer. It is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM.


3Monkey.me offers good compatibility and easy to use software that allows you to protect yourself from online threats and defeat restrictions that stop you form enjoying true online freedom. However, it doesn’t offer any remarkable features and in fact, it is missing some useful tools such as kill switch and DNS leak protection. The service is fairly basic and considering that the network of servers is limited and that only 2 simultaneous connections are allowed, it is not as good value for money as other options available in the market.

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